Koetter Hopes For Offensive Improvement

The ASU Head Coach addressed the media prior to Thursday's practice, the last one before the game against Eastern Washington.

Q: What is the safety position situation:

A: "Brett Hudson won't play. Between Joey Smith, Michael Holloway, and Matt Fawley they all got a lot of practice. Coaches haven't made a determination who will start, but all of them will play. They're all playing on special teams too."

Q: Have you seen the same intensity in practices this week compared to the practices before the Nebraska game?

A: "It's been pretty close. I'm way more concern if we play with the same intensity like we did against Nebraska. If we do we should be fine."

Q: Were you pleased with the overall play of the offensive line against Nebraska? Especially the fact that such a young line committed very few penalties and mental errors?

A: "I'm pleased with those aspects, but we need to play a lot better in all phases of offense. I thought Hodgdon and Crawford played pretty darn good, but we have a lot of room for improvement in the other three offensive line spots. It doesn't get as much publicity, but that first game wasn't only Chad Christensen first game, but also Tony Aguilar's and Adrian Ayala's. There's a lot of room for improvement, not only on the O-line. And we'll need to improve. We didn't play as great as we can."

Q: Will other true freshmen play this week?

A: "I think Chaz White and Ali Likio will play. I think that's probably it, on top of the players that already played for the first time. With 12 games to go and two bye weeks, you have to project where we're gonna be 4,6,8 weeks down the road. That's a hard call. You go by what you see in practice, and what you now about the older guys. We're still agonizing over some of those decisions (for not redshirting players). We always believed that if a guy is gonna play and help our team this year, it will also help him be a better player in the future. It's not an easy decision."

Q: When it comes to young players in general, do you believe in trail by fire or do you usually prefer to redshirt them and have them learn on the sidelines?

A: "We believe in redshirting. But you have to look at all your positions and see if a certain player will be better weeks down the road from what you have playing now. If the answer is yes, than they won't redshirt. If not, then we redshirt them."

Q: Who will be the kickoff and punt returners?

A: "Daryl and Cornell will start off as kickoff returners, and Daryl will start on punts. Hakim will get in there too (on both kickoff and punt). I just hope they (Eastern Washington) have to punt and don't kickoff that much."

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