Post-Game Quotes

Head Coach Dirk Koetter and the stars of the Eastern Washington Game comment on the 38-2 win

Head Coach Dirk Koetter: "The good guys won one. I'm very pleased with our defense with a shut out for them. I think we played hard, and games like that we're suppose to come out and mash them, and we did that…I've never been that hot in Sun Devil stadium, and our offensive line and running backs were tired. So, the game got a little sloppy. I think we didn't finish particularly well on offense or special teams. But defensively we can't fault them. We obviously have a lot of things to clean up, and that's why we have practice. We've been saying all along how good Central Florida is, and today (against Penn State) everybody found out that we weren't lying. We took care of business, and that's all you can ask from a game like this."

(On splitting the reps between the RB's) "Our plan was to give each of them 5-8 carries, and move on to the next guy. Mike Williams got tired. Hakim showed why he's so talented, and Cornell showed that he's darn good. Hakim is the best combination of runner, receiver, and return man. Hakim was healthier this week. We're gonna need all these guys." (On Christensen's play) "I'm very impatient with the Quarterbacks. I think you have to force the issue; you can't baby him along all the time. There will come times where you're gonna ask your quarterback to win the game for you. Chad got better this week at some things. Now we found some new things he needs to work on." (On the offensive game plan tonight) "Every week your game plan depends on the coverage design (of the defense). It's tough to throw the ball to your wideouts when they're in double zone all the time. We knew that we had to get Pinkard going, and the screen game going. We did a good job of that early, and Eastern Washington did a better job defending it later. We knew we would be able to run the ball well against this scheme. Everything is dictated based on what the defense does."

(On playing a lot of young guys) "We played a lot of true and redshirt freshmen. And some of them try to make big plays. Lightfoot fielding a punt two yards deep in our end zone…oh my god (smile). Everyone in the stands is asking: Do you coach these guys? Yes, we coach them to field it five yards deep. He was dying to make a big play, and he's capable of doing it. Someday we'll be happy that he's doing this stuff. Right now it scares the hell out of me (smile). (On Mason Unck's play) "He actually lost his starting job this week to Bates, and was co-captain because of his play on special teams. Every time I looked up at the kickoff, he was there making a tackle. I thought he did a great job at linebacker handling himself. He was out there tired, and being a positive influence on all the young guys playing. You have to give him credit for coming back from a serious injury in his career. He was special teams MVP last week, and I won't be surprised if he's in the running this week." (On coming back from a bad start to the game) "You saw a lot of games today where a team turns over the ball, and the other team scores. What turnaround for us. We go from a tremendous kickoff return where we gonna have the ball almost of the 50-yard line, to all of sudden giving them the ball. It was huge having that defensive stop right there."

QB Chad Christensen: (on being surprised that he was playing three quarters in a blowout game) "No. I was hoping to put up more points but Eastern Washington's defense played well, and on offense we got sloppy. Each rep I get will pay off in the long run. We executed the offense pretty well, but there are a lot of facets of the offense we haven't even got into yet. We are close, a and hopefully we'll be able to put everything together." (On the EWU's defense) "They have a bend but don't break defense. They were giving us the shorter stuff, and we were trying to take advantage of it. The linemen did a great job blocking, and guys like Hakim were running all over people. We were able to find the tight end more. We just tried to take what they gave us."

RB Hakim Hill: (on his performance): "I think the offensive line did a great job, as well as the receivers blocking down field. They all did great, and made my job easy. The line played better this week, and we got a lot of the wrinkles ironed out. We were more cohesive. We weren't thinking about who we were playing. We just wanted to relax, put that Nebraska game behind us, get the win, and go on with our season." (On splitting time with Canidate and Mike Williams) "That's a great situation. We got three talented tailbacks Mike, Cornell, and myself. A lot of teams have a 1-2 punch. We have a 1-2-3 punch. We have a good rotation going, and the tailbacks are always fresh. It really affects the defense when you have three good running backs, with three completely different running styles. Whoever the coaches decide to play is fine by me." (On his punt return game) "Coach OZ does a great job coaching us how to catch the ball square, and get down field. We were just doing what we were coached, and a lot of big things happened tonight." (On establishing the run) "If we don't get things established up front, that kinda limits our game plan. When we have things go our way, we can work screen passes, and get Pinkard involved a lot. We just try to establish dominance of the run on the field and take it from there."

LB Josh Amobi: (on achieving a virtual shutout.) "It starts with the D-line. They dominated the line of scrimmage, and that makes it easy for me as a linebacker because the O-line doesn't get up on me as fast. So, I give credit to the D-line." (On the game against UCF) "I watched a little bit of their game (against Penn State). They have a lot of speed, they gave athletes they can run and catch the ball. I'm looking forward to it…we did face a similar offense today, so that will help us get ready. They'll be ready for us too."

TE Mike Pinkard: (On having a bigger role in the offense): "I had a good off-season, and me and Chad put a lot of work after hours running routes, a and get the confidence of the quarterbacks and coaches in me. I just hope it pays out as the season during the season. Coach Osborne does a great job with me."

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