Herb Sendek Post-Game Quotes

ASU's Head Coach Addresses the Media Following USC Win

on whether he was surprised to see the students storming the floor after the win

"I really wasn't – I thought they would do that. They were looking for something to do like that all season and was really glad we finally gave hem an opportunity to do it."

on how it feels to be close to a win so many times and to finally get one

"Obviously it feels good. For me personally, they're so many people in my heart that share this moment and that's the best part of doing all this stuff – it takes a complete effort…it really takes everybody. As much as I want to put my arms around it myself, it really is a great opportunity for us to say thank you to so many people who've been working like crazy since we got here to help this along."

on being down nine in the beginning of the second half and coming back from that deficit

"We were just having a real hard time putting the ball in the basket. In a few instances it carried over to our defense. We admonished (the team) for that and said ‘we have to play great defense. We can't allow the disappointment of not scoring…to affect us on defense.' When we went into the half we had 21 points, and to start the second half we were relatively flat again…but our guys mirrored the season in general and kept on grinding it out and eventually some of those shots started to fall for us."

on whether the aggression on both sides of the floor in the second half was key in the win

"The guys went out to win the game. They weren't playing not to lose and I thought that really showed…finishing it can be a challenge. Everyone is looking at you saying ‘when are you gonna win a game?' It was important to us to play to win, instead of be afraid to lose and there's really a big difference in that kind of mindset."

on the play of Antwi Atuahene in the second half

"He played a terrific floor game. He made great plays on defense. Two assists and no turnovers. Made some big baskets for us…"

on whether is bad for momentum to have a week off before the next game

"I never get too much into ‘Is it a good time to have a week off? Is it better to have a game tomorrow?' It's just a waste of mental energy. You have to play them when they're scheduled and there's no way you can determined that anyway. We're towards the later stages of a long season, so in some respects it's good to give hey guys a little chance to catch their breath. We'll just keep working this week to get better."

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