Erickson's Post-Practice Quotes

With Pat's Run coming up in less than two days, the ASU head coach talked about Pat Tillman, as well as other topics following Thursday's Practice.

His thoughts about Pat Tillman

"Pat Tillman is Arizona State football, as far as I'm concerned. He was when he played here. I had to coach against him, and he was like a fly always knocking you around. He was ferocious. He played the game the way it should be played. He played with great intensity, he played hard on every down, he loved the game and had respect for the game."

"He's a character that we want to have this football program (modeled) after. If we can have guys like Pat Tillman in this program we're gonna win a lot of national championships. We'll honor him and honor him and he deservers to be honored. I just want our players understand what he accomplished in his life. I think that's very important."

on getting few players back from injuries

"We got some…we've been going pretty hard. It's been a very physical spring for us. We're fortunate we haven't had a lot of injuries. I'm a firm believer that if you practice hard and you stay on your feet – you're not gonna have any injuries. When you play half way, that's when you have your injuries. Our guys are learning how to practice (that way) and it's been very encouraging for us. We are starting to get some of them back. Josh (Barrett) is back, Rudy (Burgess) is back and they're doing some things. I don't if they'll be able to have contact and that's all right. At least they're getting involved."

on whether the move of Jeremy Payton to cornerback is temporary or permanent

"We're moving a lot of guys around. We have to find the best team we can put together. I don't care who plays where. It really makes no difference. Saia (Falahola) we moved to defensive tackle. He's been there two practices and has played very well for us. McFoy (moving to linebacker) I think will be a real good move for us. I've done that every place I've been – I moved guys around."

on whether he's surprised about the depth at safety

"We really are. Guys are stepping up and playing and Barrett back makes a big difference. It's a position we probably have more depth than any other position right now."

on how this team compares to other teams he coached "I don't know – I'll have to see in September. Getting to a point where they're competing in practice against each other to make themselves better, to me that's the hump we have to get over and everything else takes care of itself. It's been a good spring. I've enjoyed seeing these guys get better and improve. Where we are at – we have a ways to go."

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