Post-Scrimmage Quotes

Head Coach Dennis Erickson and his players comment on Saturday's scrimmage.

Dennis Erickson

on his general thoughts of the scrimmage

"It was a great improvement defensively. Last week offense pretty much dominated the game, and today defensively we came out and played a lot better…kept the offense out of the end zone, which is the most important thing. The offense moved the ball, but they weren't very consistent. If we want to be consistent winners and win the Pac-10 championship, we've got to become a steady, awfully good defensive football team. We're not there yet, but we did improve."

"Offensively there were some good things. Again we turned it over in the red zone, which we did last week. Which costs you seven points or fourteen points…turnovers are inexcusable and we had two by our best player (Ryan Torain). I'm glad it happened to him, so he knows that when he gets inside, people will knock that football out. Ryan is a competitor, a warrior and he'll learn from that. I thought Kyle Williams made some plays and continues to make plays. I thought that one catch (where he stretched out) was phenomenal…just when you think you're pretty good, and you come in with that attitude you get your rear ends kicked and that's exactly what happened (to the offense) and I'm glad it did to be perfectly honest with you."

"I thought Rudy looked sharp for the most part. He gave up too many sacks, and probably one or two more that I didn't call…good defensively, not that good offensively. But when you get in a scrimmage it's hard to win on both sides. It's impossible. I'm either a sad camper on Saturday afternoon or a happy camper and at 60 (years old) I prefer to be a happy camper all the time."

on the spirited attitude on both sides of the ball

"What we try to talk them about is be competitive, have fun…go for it and compete against your teammates – nothing wrong with that. If you compete against your teammates, you're feisty and you fly around you'll make yourself better and you'll make your teammates better. That's the only way you can improve. When you start to ‘brother in-law' it, which is what I call it, helping each other out, you're not getting better. The intensity level is getting better, how they're practicing is getting better. I wish we had a couple more months of spring ball."

on the play of Danny Sullivan

"Danny really improved. That was a real plus. We put him in the first group, because that's what's gonna happen if we get an injury. I thought he did a heck of a job. We may do that on Tuesday too. He's proven to me that he will be an excellent backup quarterback for us and he has a great future ahead of him."

Rudy Carpenter

on the offense's play in the scrimmage

"Personally I thought we did pretty good on offense. If Coach Erickson said we didn't do well, that's because we didn't score in the red zone. We got down here (into the red zone) three or four times and got one touchdown, missed a field goal and we had a fumble for a turnover. That's the biggest difference. But we completed a lot of passes, a lot of vertical completions, which are good. We just have to score in the red zone. That's a big thing for us.

Kyle Williams

on his performance today in the scrimmage
"I'm feeling good. Everything is clicking. Rudy is giving me the ball. Everything is good right now. Once we get our playmakers back - Mike Jones, Rudy Burgess, Nate Kimbrough…it's gonna be real good.

on having a second straight solid scrimmage and his confidence level

"Yeah I'm feeling confident now and hopefully I can carry it onto next week and into the fall. When you get onto the field in front of a 50,000 people (like he did in freshman season) everything was moving a million miles an hour. Once you get that under your belt everything is a lot easier, slowed down…and you take a step back and look at everything. I'm being quick, but not in a hurry."

on his play on special teams

"That's huge. I want to contribute any way I can. If we can't get it done on offense or defense, special teams are huge and will help you win games and championships. If I can do that (play on special teams) that will be good."

Luis Vasquez

on the defense getting revenge from last week's scrimmage

"We sure did. We came out with a little pep in our step, a little more motivated than last weekend."

on his personal improvement the last couple of practices

"I was taking to the assistant line coach the other day…the last week and a half I've been really down on myself. I have a lot of high expectations for myself and I haven't been fulfilling them. I sat down with him I said I felt a little slow trying the new techniques and he told me ‘the only reason you're slow is because you're slowing yourself.' I thought about that and really emphasized that today, just getting off and playing my game."

on what part of the techniques were giving him trouble

"Mainly hand placement…first step wasn't a big thing until I was thinking about it. Out here they want you to play more run support than the JC level. Right now I'm starting to get everything together and getting better every week."

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