Post-Spring Game Quotes

Head Coach Dennis Erickson and quarterback Rudy Carpenter Comment on the Saturday night's spring game

Dennis Erickson

"I thought we played good on defense. Last couple of scrimmages, we turned the football over way too many times, fumbles and interceptions. You name it, we did it. But we can fix that. We'll fix it. As you get toward the end of spring, players get a little antsy. We weren't as sharp as I thought we would be today. But we'll learn from that and get ready for next fall."

"Our secondary played well. I thought Mike Jones came out, for not having practiced, and played well at WR. Rudy threw the ball well. Ryan Torain ran well. Overall, defensively, we played well, Marquardt and Vasquez defensively."

"We have a long ways to go, we really do. We're not close to where we need to be to have a chance to be competitive in our league. I'm realistic. I've been there and done it. We're not there yet, but we have the talent to get there. We need to have a good off-season and a good summer and get ourselves ready to go for camp."

"You get a little worn out playing against each other in spring football, and that's why I tried to make this as fun as I could. We were sloppy tonight. That doesn't concern me right now, but we need to get better."

on the injury to Jamarr Robinson

"It looks like Jamarr tore his ACL. First injury we've had all spring. Is that final? No. The doctors have to look at it, but that was the report I got. It's the sad thing about today."

on the play of Danny Sullivan

"I thought Sullivan played good. He moved the football down and made some good throws. He's young. He really should be a freshman, but he was forced to play last year. Mentally, he has a lot to learn, but physically, he's got some tools."

on his concerns coming out of spring practice

"We have about six guys that are proven players up front, but we have to develop some depth there. We might have some freshmen who will play up front. That and cornerback are my biggest concerns. We need some receivers to step up. (Kyle) Williams has had a good spring, and we know what (Mike) Jones can do. He needs to get into football shape."

on the play of his running backs

‘(Dimitri) Nance has played well. He did again today. Keegan (Herring) was sick yesterday but came out today. We'll use all three of those guys (including Ryan Torain)."

on the play of Rudy Burgess

"Burgess did some awfully good things, especially coming off surgery and only being out a couple of weeks. He's gonna make it a lot easier for us as far as our depth at receiver. He and Mike (Jones) both played and that's make a difference."

on the struggles of kicker Thomas Weber

"I'm glad Weber made the kick at the end. He's our kicker, and he has a strong leg, it's just a matter of him doing it."

Rudy Carpenter

on the turnovers that took place in the spring game

"I think I understand…it's the fact that a lot of guys touched the ball, that don't get to touch the ball on an every down basis. If you don't touch the ball that much you have a chance for more turnovers. It's a good and a bad thing – our defense is getting the ball out, but our offense is turning it over. I'm not too worried about that for next season."

on the White team (led by Carpenter) stalling most of the game after two first successful series

"It was frustrating because you always want to compete and score points, but when the teams split you don't have that much depth. So guys aren't used to play that many straight plays. It does get frustrating, because I want to score when I get the ball. Everybody came out with the intensity real high because they wanted to win, but towards the end maybe guys felt that this was dragging on a little bit. We have to get over that and play hard all the time."

on how different this spring was for him without the QB controversy with Sam Keller that was last year

"It was a big difference, because this time last year there were about 40 guys here asking about it…asking who should be the starter…this year it is all about me getting a chance to learn (the scheme), learn how to deal with these coaches, learn a new offense and help this team gel together. It also allowed me to help Danny (Sullivan) a lot. Danny is a good player and he can help us win games. Me and Sam were competing against each other so hard. I'm competing against Danny, but we also know what the situation is and I can help him a lot to make him better and he makes me better too."

"Last year I was worried about what Sam is doing, who's gonna start, who was playing well and not playing well…we (the White team) won today and that's all I care about. We won as a team and I'm more concerned about that than anything else."

on how he feels about his play in the spring

"I'm real happy with my spring. I think today was probably my worst day I had and we still won and played pretty well. I learned a lot and hopefully we'll continue to learn."

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