Draft Wait Winding Down for Zach Miller

In about ten or so days, ex-Sun Devil Zach Miler will learn of his NFL future. From a lukewarm performance in the combine to a stellar pro day workout, it has been a roller coaster ride for the tight end, who remains even keel through out it all. Miller told DevildDigest.com that he will visit two teams this week, and both those squads could have him playing with other former ASU standouts.

"I'm going to visit New Orleans and Miami," said Zach Miller. "It really would be cool to play with (Saints' fullback) Mike Karney or (Dolphins' WR) Derek Hagan. Those are some of the teams that had one-on-one interviews with me. We'll see how it goes... those are the only visits I'm gonna probably take. I'm not expecting any more because we're getting closer to the draft."

Several other teams have been showing interest in the weeks leading up to the draft. Some of them had the tight end work out for them, while others chose to get to know him on a different level. "I worked out (in Tempe) for the Cardinals, Raiders, Bengals, Rams, Panthers and Seahawks," Miller noted. "The night before the pro day I had dinner with Scouts from the Seahawks and Bears. That was kinda interesting, because those guys knew each other and they were both interviewing me at the same time."

Not that Miller is discouraged with the quantity or quality of teams interested in him, but he knows that there could definitely be some other suitors out there that choose to keep a very low profile. "Some teams are very tight-lipped," he explained. "They don't want to show you that they're very interested in you so other teams won't know. You never know what's gonna happen on draft day."

Uncertainty aside, they're many NFL draft pundits sharing their opinions these days through mock drafts. It seems for the most part that those lists have Miller going in the second round. "I really don't listen to the media or look at mock drafts," he claimed. "If I'm at a bookstore I may pick up a draft magazine, but I haven't done that in a while. Sometimes those guys get it right and sometimes they get a lot of stuff wrong."

When asked about his own projection, he said: "I think I should be a 1st round selection and some people agree with that. But if I'm selected in the second round – that's just how it goes. Sometimes it doesn't matter where you get picked, but who picks you."

Just like he was on the field, Miller is unflappable when commotion or hype surrounds him. "The process has been fun and it's been a great experience," he stated. "I look forward to the draft and moving on with my career."

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