Patience Pays Off for Carnahan in Draft

As a construction major and an award winning carpenter in high school, Andrew Carnahan knows the importance of patience. He was four games into his senior year when he suffered a season-ending injury that he's still rehabbing. All the anguish he has gone through has paid off as he was selected in the 7th round by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Devils Digest talked to him about his exciting day.

The injury suffered by Andrew Carnahan wasn't only a blow to the Arizona State offensive line, but was also bound to hamper his once excellent chances, of getting selected in the 2007 NFL draft. It took over six hours for his name to be finally called, but he eventually got selected in the 252nd spot (out of 255). "I really didn't know what was gonna happen today," he admitted, "if I was gonna get picked towards the end of the draft or be a free agent. I guess I was surprised that I did get picked."

"I was watching all the names go by, and it was kind tough seeing that," Carnahan continued. "I was selected three picks before the very last one so the waiting wasn't fun and it was nerve racking just waiting for a phone call." The offensive lineman came very close to being named ‘Mr. Irrelevant', the title reserved for the very last pick of the NFL draft and one that comes with some perks. When asked if he was disappointed that he didn't earn that distinction, he replied "I'm plenty happy where I got picked."

The offensive coordinator for the Jaguars is Arizona State's former head coach Dirk Koetter, who Carnahan played under for all his five years in Tempe. It would be easy to assume that this was the biggest factor in the Jags selecting the lineman, but Carnahan begs to differ. "He probably did tell the team what kind of a person I was," he noted. "But they still had to watch film on me and interview me. I talked to coaches and scouts from Jacksonville both at the combine and on pro day. They were interested in me all through out the draft process. So I don't think him being the offensive coordinator was the sole reason."

Carnahan is very thankful to his new employer and the amount of trust they have put into a player such as himself, that won't be 100% healthy until June. "They know what kind of player I am when I'm healthy and that I could have been a much higher draft pick if I wasn't injured," he commented. "It's really rewarding that all the hard work I put in when I was healthy and the hard work when I was rehabbing paid off in the end."

The offensive lineman is currently rehabbing in Tempe, and is scheduled to fly to Jacksonville in a week and a half. He obviously won't be able to participate in the team's mini-camp and at the time of our interview Carnahan was unsure how involved he would be in that event.

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