Love's Done Her Job, Let's Do Ours

ASU Vice President of Athletics Lisa Love has made the moves necessary to get Sun Devil Athletics ready to move to the next level. Now it's your turn to take action.

In her short time as Vice President of Athletics, Lisa Love has done almost everything the fan base has been asking for: she hired a football coach that is "a proven winner in a BCS conference," all but one home football game has already been schedule to kickoff at night, Herb Sendek left the hotbed of college basketball to come to Tempe, facility improvements are underway, women's sports are surging, and ASU just finished in the top 10 in the Director's Cup standings.

So now what? Just sit back and wait for the wins and championships to start pouring in, right?

Wrong. Now it is our turn to do our part:

- Wear maroon and gold whenever possible and talk about ASU sports at home, work, the grocery store, wherever.

- Buy season tickets even though it might be cheaper to scalp single game tickets.

- Show up to games early and stay until the end, making noise the whole time.

- Schedule your family's holiday weekend around the home opener on September 1st so you'll be in town.

- Bug your non-ASU friends that happen to like football until they're so sick of you that they buy tickets and come to a game. Then make sure they have enough fun that they want to come back.

- Buy ASU hoops season tickets even though we only won two conference games last season and probably won't go to the NCAA Tournament this year.

- Attend women's hoops, softball, and other non-revenue generating sporting events to show your support for what they're doing.

- Come to Athletic Department functions like the Sun Devil Express, coaches' shows, etc.

- Show up to practices.

- If you can't make a game, make sure someone is in your seats.

- Visit and other ASU-related websites everyday to keep current on your Sun Devil news and also to drive website traffic and, therefore, ad revenues.

- Buy a ticket for the Halo Club, which will give a men's basketball season ticket to a local charity for kids to use in exchange for your $100 (tax deductible) Halo Club donation to the Sun Devil Club.

- Go to Packard Stadium to hear the ping of the metal bats, smell the fresh grass, and enjoy some championship caliber college baseball.

- Skip watching a good non-ASU football game on TV to attend an ASU sporting event.

- Adopt a Devil.

- Buy kids in your neighborhood ASU clothing as birthday gifts or your kids if they don't have any.

- Don't accept that our fans "are what they are" and only winning will attract big crowds.

- Go to away football and basketball games.

- Put an ASU sticker on your car (or get it wrapped!).

- Write to the Sports Editor of your favorite paper and ask for more ASU coverage.

- Join the ASU Alumni Association and the Sun Devils Club.

- Call in and ask to talk about ASU on sports radio when they're talking about something else.

Basically, be a proactive fan that doesn't just sit back and wait for other people spur success before you invest your time, money, and mindshare. Look at your efforts in supporting ASU as an investment that will pay off in the future, not a reward for what has happened in the past.

Obviously, we can't all do every one of these items. Some of us have more time than money. Some have more money than time. Some don't have much of either. But if we all make a strong effort to do everything we can to support ASU, I think Lisa Love's efforts and strategic moves can pay off big time. But without us - the fans - doing our part, the chances of those moves being successful decreases dramatically.

So I'm challenging you (and myself) to do as many things on this list or to participate in other ways to support the university and athletic department BEFORE the winning seasons and accolades come. After all, isn't that what fans are for, to be there through the good and the bad?

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