Safety Valve At Cornerback

In any walk of life, job versatility is always viewed as an asset. This is no different on a Football team. JC transfer Brett Hudson, who played cornerback at Grossmont Junior College, was recruited by ASU as a safety. Due to a thinning depth chart, Hudson will resume his old duties at cornerback. In this exclusive Devils Digest interview, Hudson talks about the move and his looming matchup against Stanford's 6-7 WR Teyo Johnson.

Ironically, this won't be the first time that the 6-2 216 safety has faced Johnson. "I actually played him in high school and covered him in that game." He says, "It was a battle then, and it should be fun playing against him now." According to Hudson, the scouting report on his defensive assignment is simple yet impressive: "Watching film on him…he has it all. He can jump, he has speed, he can run routes, he has good hands…that's all you need when you play receiver. He's definitely the real deal." While the Sun Devil depth chart shows the safety backing up his Grossmont JC buddy Josh Golden, Hudson somewhat contradicts that fact. "As far as I know I'm starting and I'll play on him…but don't take my word on that (smile)"

Aside from this position move, it has been an eventful season for Hudson who has already missed two games due to injury. So far this season, he has racked up eight total tackles, including one sack. The newest Sun Devil cornerback isn't only happy to be healthy again, but is also appreciative of the task handed down to him. "It's definitely exciting playing against Teyo Johnson. It's a compliment to me that the coaches want me to play cornerback in the Pac-10. For them to consider me that athletic is a great honor." Conveying those feelings, one wonders if Hudson wanted to play cornerback at ASU from day one. The JC transfer replies: "When I was recruited by ASU, they said that one of the positives about me is that I can play both positions. I never expected to play cornerback here, but it was always in the back of my mind. It was just a mater of what position got me on the field. In the beginning it was safety. Now it's corner."

Hudson is one of five Junior College transfers that came to Tempe in the spring. The timing of his arrival has only helped matters concerning this assignment change. "Spring ball definitely helped me a lot with the transition. The speed of the game is so much different at this level, and it was hard in the beginning to learn it. But when I came in the fall camp I felt that I had the defense down. It is tough switching positions in the middle of the season. You have to learn a whole different technique. But because I've been practicing in this defense since the spring, I feel more comfortable playing a different position. I'm excited about it."

ASU Head Coach Dirk Koetter was quoted as saying that Hudson's position change could be a long term one, but that would mostly depend on his play. What are the junior's thoughts on the topic? "Whatever helps the team out the most, that's where I'll play. I just want to be on the field contributing. Right now I'm happy at corner, but we'll see how long it will last." For now, it has to last over the course of the Stanford game and prove successful against Teyo Johnson. So far his season, the Sun Devil coaches have employed several successful lineup changes. The maroon and gold faithful can only hope that Hudson's move to cornerback is just another of those advantageous strategically moves.

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