Coach Erickson's Friday Practice Quotes

ASU's head coach addressed the media on various topics following Friday's Practice.

(On the length practices being longer than scheduled since fall camp started)

"Right now with the third group we've got four days without pads and we're gonna be able to get those young guys involved in what we're doing offensively and defensively. So we're giving them turns, which obviously increases the practices… when we get back to Camp T we will have our normal practices. Right now they have got some things they have got to learn, and we want to give them an opportunity to learn offense and defense now, and evaluate some of those young guys that might end up playing for us. So that is why we're a little longer…Two hours and twenty minutes…most guys go three (hours)."

(On the play of Jarrell Woods)

"He has great explosion, great speed as you can see out there watching him yourself. He can hit it and take it to the house. He has that kind of explosiveness. We just have to wait and see… he is pretty well put together so I would think he could break some tackles – at least he did at junior college."

(On spreading out carries among the running backs)

"We got three (backs) that are quite different that we can throw at people. You have Ryan who is big and powerful and breaks tackles. You got Keegan that gives you that quickness look. Dimitri really does it all. He's got great vision. Those are three guys if you are looking at it now…you have Woods…DeWitty has looked awfully good too and I had never seen him play. He is a pleasant surprise. Obviously you can't play five backs. The three that I am talking about are the guys that in the spring did it are the guys that if we're playing tomorrow those are the guys we're gonna use."

(on how long does it take his quarterbacks and receivers from the beginning of camp to synch up)

"Actually they are pretty good together right now because of spring football and the time they spent together in the summer. The timing in our passing game is pretty darn good for our second practice so a lot of it depends on how hard you work in the off-season. We don't have much offense in right now. We'll put more offense in tomorrow…and the next day and so forth. I think they timed up pretty well and really the timing of it is how they time up in the game which is obviously the most important thing."

(On how the receivers have looked so far as a group)

"I have been impressed since the spring. Kyle Williams, Brandon Smith, Chris McGahaMike Jones has been a pleasant surprise and we have some young guys that can help us…Rudy Burgess…we've got some depth there and it will be interesting to see how things shake out as we get into it. It's not that we don't have guys who can come in for other guys and we'll use them all – believe me. When you go through a season you use all of those receivers which enables us…we're in three wides quite a bit. We haven't been in four wides as part of our offense. You may see us in five wides and nobody in the backfield. So it (wide receiver depth) increases our flexibility to what we can do offensively."

(On Rodney Glass not being in practice)

"Rodney – there are some things we have to get done academically with him…some personal things to take care of… we'll see what happens."

(On Oliver Aaron playing at linebacker full-time)

"We like him at linebacker. He is what we want. He is 195 lbs. and obviously over a period of time he is going to get bigger. But he can run, he has natural instincts, both him and Derrall Anderson…he can play either safety or linebacker but he has played linebacker and we like how he plays there so we are going to keep him there."

(On DeWitty's play)

"He is obviously big and strong and has really good explosion. Runs really well. Again I haven't seen him in pads but from what I have seen in underwear he's pretty good."

(On Josh Barrett's play)

"He's our leader back there. He's athletic, smart, he's got everything going for him. I can't wait to see him play. From what I've seen he's where he is supposed to be."

(On the passing of Coach Bill Walsh)

"His impact on the 49ers was obviously unbelievable and his innovation offensively has been unbelievable. I have learned a lot from him. He actually was involved in hiring me there and I used to spend a lot of time with him in the two years that I was there. He was about to retire and he was there the first year that I was there. I used to go and run things by him and spend a lot of time talking to him. You learn from a guy like that. He was very special and very special for football."

(On the condition of high school teammate and UTEP Coach Mike Price)

"I talked to him right after he had the stint put in his heart, but I did visit with him and he is doing well. He was back at work on Monday. He feels better than he has ever felt. I think he was lucky. He had a stress test and they found out some things…they found out he had blockage and they were able to take care of it."

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