Kimbrough Hungry for Personal, Team Success

Nate Kimbrough missed the last four games of the 2006 season due to a knee injury. The speedy wide receiver is returning to the field this season less than a year after his knee surgery. He is eager to make up for lost time and has high expectations for himself. He shared some up his thoughts with us on Saturday.

Coming back after an injury can be exceptionality difficult, especially when it involves tearing the ACL. Players have to change the way they practice and their approach to the game. Kimbrough explained what the experience has been like for him, "It really hasn't been too hard, but it does take a lot of work. My work ethic has been a key factor."

How well a player recovers from an injury is often largely based on their mental toughness. Kimbrough agreed that the physical element of rehab is secondary to the mental aspect. "It wasn't as physical as it was mental. My legs basically were telling me that I couldn't, but my mind was overpowering that telling me that I could do it," he explained. "It's really hard to come back from an ACL. The coaches are very surprised at how well I am moving and performing."

The ASU wide receivers did not play to their potential last season, which was disappointing for the junior to watch from the sidelines. "It was really hard because I know that I add to depth to the receiving line," Kimbrough said. "It was really hard to watch them and not do something about it."

Despite his injury the always vocal Kimbrough is not modest in his expectations for himself this season. He does not plan to let his past setbacks limit his capabilities or hinder his performance. "I'm going all out this season!" exclaimed Kimbrough.

The beginning of the season is when the team starts to come together and show its character. New players add dimension and as senior players move on the character of the team evolves. There has been a lot of talk on how well this year's team is coming together and the junior echoes those sentiments. "I see a big difference in the work ethic for the whole team," Kimbrough said. "Last year there were guys doing this and guys doing that- this year were more of a team."

With a new team attitude, raised expectations naturally follow. When asked what his expectations are for the team Kimbrough's response was right to the point. "I just want the team to win every game!"

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