Confidence Boosts McGaha, Wide Receivers

At ASU's Media Day event quarterback Rudy Carpenter stated he was guilty of not trusting many of the young wide receivers that suited up for the Sun Devils in 2006. In his defense, that unit probably did very little to boost his faith as it is. These days, receivers such as Chris McGaha are changing that perception in each fall practice that goes by, giving hope for an improved team passing game.

During Tuesday's night practice, Carpenter found Chris McGaha in the corner of the end zone on a well-timed pass. This is probably the type of play that would be destined to fail last year, if it even would be attempted in the first place. "The main thing I see in Rudy is that he has more confidence in us and we have more confidence in him," McGaha said. "It works both ways."

That play is just one example of the fine camp the sophomore is having. The receiver has been getting a healthy does of work with the first team, and will also work with the second unit "when they get tired." Naturally, McGaha has no complaints about his standing in the rotation.

"I think I put myself in a good position," he remarked. "I've been doing well and just having a blast the last couple of days. I look forward to going up to Camp T. I don't look forward to sleeping at Camp T (laughs), but I look forward to practicing there…I don't know about everybody else, but I'm looking forward to better weather. It will be fun."

Better weather can definitely be a necessity for a successful practice. A sluggish practice in the morning was blamed in great part by the sophomore on the heat element. "It was our first morning practice and we had to get over the hump," he admitted. "We came out tonight and more than made up for it."

Route running and confidence are the two virtues that McGaha, the Arizona Republic's Big School player of the year in 2004, believes he improved on the most. "I've been working hard in the summer every single day," he explained. "We (the receivers) most definitely have something to prove. That should be our main inspiration – to prove to everyone else that we can get the job done."

In order to prove that point, McGaha, the former Phoenix Moon Valley High School star, will need to strut his skills under the watchful eye of his family and friends. Yet, this fact doesn't even come close to rattling him or creating pressure. Furthermore, he remarked that they will come to watch him,"even if I was playing somewhere else."

The receiver jokingly said that his goal in 2007 is to beat his stats of last season, 238 yards, 16 receptions and three touchdowns, in one game. Nonetheless, with displays such as the one in Tuesday night's practice, McGaha can assure himself more snaps that he has been getting thus far, which could in turn set new personal seasons records in all those categories.

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