Erickson Camp T Thursday Morning Quotes

ASU's head coach addressed the media after his team's Thursday Morning practice at Camp Tontozona

(On how the nickel defense looked today)

"The nickel defense is good. We're gonna play it quite a bit. Fortunately we got some really good defensive backs. Jeremy Payton has been our nickel guy, and was the nickel guy last year. With the formations that you see nowadays in college football, with three and four-wide, you're gonna have to play with five or six DB's. We spent a lot of time on it in ‘red ball' and third down."

(On having the team in an environment such as Camp T)

"Well, it's important that we're together, regardless of where we're at…the thing about football teams that are successful is team chemistry. Irregardless if it's my first year or twentieth year (coaching) each team is a different team, and chemistry is such a huge thing. Doing things up here together helps that team chemistry."

(On his thoughts about the performance of Rudy Carpenter)

"Rudy's played very well. He had a great spring, had carried it over to this fall – particularly the last two days. He's a good quarterback and he's getting better and better,"

(On his thoughts about the performance of Ryan Torain)

"We all know what Ryan can do. He's a great runner and they're some other good runners that can spell him. The key for the whole thing and him running the football is obviously the offensive front – we have some experience coming back there."

(On who is starting to emerge at linebacker)

"We feel like we have six or seven linebackers that can play. With Robert James coming back that has made a huge difference. You have Morris (Wooten) - he's playing really well, (Gerald) Munns playing right behind him, Mike Nixon…we have six, seven linebackers that we can run in and out. We feel good about that aspect of our defensive team…we'll rotate them some and then on our special teams – if we have depth at linebacker, all those guys will be on special teams. That's so huge to have guys on defense that go down and cover."

(On what he hopes to get accomplished on the scrimmage on Saturday)

"(to know) Where we're at…sometimes when you get into two-a-days and you practice on Saturday…we've been going pretty hard. It's not like they'll have a day or two off before they scrimmage. We'll have an idea where we're at executing on both sides of the football, find out who's playing well. They're some things we have to make decisions about in the next couple of weeks as far as personnel are concerned. What freshmen are gonna play? Who do we think about redshirting? All those different things…"

(On his thoughts about the performance of Kerry Taylor)

"I've said this before – Kerry was well-coached in high school. He's probably as polished a receiver that I've seen coming out of high school. When you're polished like that, the leaning curve isn't quite as tough. Kerry's gonna play this year – there's no question about it. There's no redshirt involving him. He could start."

(On what other freshmen won't redshirt)

"We have to decide which (freshman) quarterback we're gonna spend time with, and the other one redshirting for sure. The ideal is to redshirt both of them if you can. That's what would have been done with Danny Sullivan last year, if they didn't have that situation with (Sam) Keller. We have to find a way to get work for the third guy so he's capable of playing…"

Erickson added that the quarterback that won't redshirt will get as many opportunities possible to play during the season. Thus, the redshirt tag won't be removed just for the sake of spacing the eligibility between both quarterbacks.

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