Erickson Camp T Thursday Afternoon Quotes

The fight that broke out in practice was only one of the topics discussed with ASU's head coach after his team's Thursday Afternoon practice at Camp Tontozona

(On the condition of Saia Falahola)

"He will have surgery tomorrow (Friday) on his biceps and triceps. It (his recovery) depends on how it's torn. It can be from five, six weeks to the season. We knew it's torn, but they won't know how bad until they get in there."

(On whether that injury will have Paul ‘Unga play defensive tackle also in non-nickel situations)

"We have some tackles. We'll look at it. We'll be fine. Half of spring he (Saia) played on offense. I feel bad for him. Hopefully he can come back to play because he was going pretty well. We have a lot of guys and if we have to move ‘Unga inside, we'll move him inside. We recruited him with that thought in mind that he could play both (def. end and def. tackle). We'll find out."

(On the energy of practice picking up after the skirmish broke out)

"It's like I told every team that I coached. This game isn't only about coaching, technique and all that stuff – this game is about emotion, man. If you don't play with emotion you don't have a snowball's chance in hell to win. The reason that they're so many upsets in college football, because one team is here (points to a high level) and one team is here (points to a low level). It's about emotion. We had a lot of emotion in that goal line scrimmage, and that was good because that's the tempo that we have to have."

(On whether backup kicker Zach Richards can make the battle for a starting job interesting)

"Without a question. That why I kick them both. He's been pretty darn consistent. We'll see. That thing isn't etched in granite. Whoever is best for our football team is gonna kick and personally I don't care who it is."

(On if he's seeing the level of emotion from his team that he wants to see)

"No question. We saw a lot of it in the spring, and all the practices we had, besides a couple, it's been pretty good…" at this point a heated argument between some cornerbacks and wide receivers gets very loud and gets the attention of Erickson and the media. Erickson looks at what transpires and said: "Typical. Been there, done that."

(On the level of challenge giving the running backs behind Torain some reps)

"Ryan is clearly our guy. Keegan looks good at times. We have Dimitri…we have three guys that have proven themselves. We're gonna try to use them in the right situations and go from there. But those are the three right now that we're planning to use."

(On the play of Jovon Williams and the other backup tight ends)

"Brent (Miller) and Dane Guthrie are playing really well. You got Jovon, he's doing some good things for us, and we use all of them in certain situations. We used four tight ends down here at the goal line. We have enough depth right now to be able to do it, and we'll do it in certain situations. We might be in four tight ends and then shift, and all of sudden Tyrice (Thompson) is a tight end on the other side and you split him out. You have big personnel there, maybe six down linemen…"

Erickson added that the team will have meetings all day before the lone practice on Friday starts at 3 pm.

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