Erickson, Falahola Camp T Friday's Quotes

CAMP TONTOZONA - ASU's head coach talks about the scrimmage format, defensive tackle Saia Falahola's injury and other topics. We also hear from Falahola himself who went up to Camp Tontozona after his surgery.

(On the prognosis for Saia Falahola)

"Saia had a 50% tear of his tricept, which means that he's in a sling two weeks, then out of the sling and gets his range of motion back. It could be anywhere from six to eight weeks, so you're talking missing four games or something like that. It could go sooner it could go later."

(On the scrimmage format)

"We'll go with our first group against our first group for 12 to 13 plays. If the drives continue we'll go ahead and continue it. The 1's will get to rep 36 plays, maybe more but not less. Same thing with the 2's. 3's will go 24 plays; again if the drive is going on we won't stop it moving. We'll have live kicking game, punt return, and of course field goals."

(On whether the shorter practice today was in anticipation of the scrimmage tomorrow)

"Yes. There are certain things you have to get done…we felt like on a day like today, we really didn't wanna have a lot of contact because of tomorrow. Tomorrow we could get the two-minute drill, which we need a lot of drilling on that. So we shorten the individual (practice periods)…our team periods were about the same. We were still in pads, so it isn't like we took the day off. Scrimmage is a scrimmage – it's not like a game. You can't screw around your whole practice, because it's a scrimmage. We have to come out the next day after the scrimmage in pads. Scrimmage is just another evaluation piece for us as we get ready to play San Jose State. It's big, don't get me wrong. We still have to see where we're at."

(On which position group has surprised him with their progress from spring until now)

"I would say our linebacker group is probably something that jumps out at me. That's the biggest thing and also the play of our young receivers. We got a lot of guys hurt, but Kerry, Kyle, Chris, Rudy Burgess, he's not young but he wasn't there in the spring, those guys really jumped out at us and have gotten better and better. It's like I said earlier, if you're injured a long time – out of sight out of mind." (On why Justin Tryon was held out of contact)

"He has bruised knee. We held him out today, but he will go out tomorrow." (On other players that will miss practice aside from Kellen Mils and Alex Asi)

"Eric Tanner."

(On the significance of Jonathan English taking reps with the second team and maybe not redshirting)

"We'll find out. This is a big time tomorrow and where he goes from tomorrow to the next Friday when we scrimmage again. We'll have to see if he can help us. It's an area where we need some help irregardless. We need to have some backups emerge. We need to get a third, fourth and fifth guy. It's pretty open."

Saia Falahola

(On his surgery)

"They had me in and out pretty quick. I went in Thursday morning, got checked out by Dr. (Dean) Cummings, and he put me on the surgery schedule Friday morning. It was a 50% tear; they thought it was worse than it was. Even the MRI said it was worse than it was."

(On the projected recovery time)

"Dr. Cummings told me maybe even 4-6 weeks. You never know."

(On how he felt he was doing up to the injury)

"I thought I was getting better, soaking everything in. Getting to know the D-line coach, he was really happy with the way I was progressing. Competition wise, I was competing for number one (starter) spot."

(On whether this is the toughest injury he ever had)

"Yeah, I have to say so. It's just funny the way it happened. It happened real fast, and I was thinking that maybe it was a shoulder. I'm just trying to get to a fast recovery…it helps talking to guys like Alex (Asi) and he comforts me. I am just glad to be back with the guys…I was over there ordering Pizza and thinking to myself ‘on no my boys are back there at Camp T, probably hating it right now' (smile)."

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