Defensive Coordinator Pleased with Scrimmage

CAMP TONTOZONA - Following a defensive dominance in Camp Tontozona's scrimmage, ASU's Defensive Coordinator and Linebackers Coach Craig Bray is optimistic to a certain extent, but pleased at the all around performance and growth of the Sun Devil defense.

"We were better (today) than we were at the spring, at the end," said Bray on Saturday afternoon after the team's scrimmage. "That comes from what they did in the summer. They watched video, they practiced on their own. They worked their butt off and they came back and understood the package better."

"I am cautiously pleased," Coach said about the ASU defensive unit that is going to face some stiff PAC-10 competition this year from the likes of USC, UCLA, and California. "Yeah, cautiously pleased because I think we're coming along. But we are not where we want to be. We want to be better up front, especially the inside. And were limited with what we have because you know Saia (Falahola) got hurt. He was really coming along."

Bray also expressed his concerns with the cornerback position, in specific about the depth and experience in this unit. He admitted that he is still looking for options every day. "We have the true freshman (Omar Bolden) that has come along and if he continues to improve he could take care of that. It's a competition over there with three guys, so we will see what happens."

Bray has mixed emotions about the Defensive line, but he has no problem sharing them. "I'm real pleased with the defensive ends," he commented. "But again, we have got to get better at the tackle position. Somebody has got to rise up. Michael Marquardt is doing really well, but we have not found out who that next tackle is going to be."

Coach Bray had some things to say about camp Tontozona in general. It was his first visit up there and his observations were honest and off the cuff. "It's ok," he said. "It is functional. The field is a little shaky. But, you know, it's nice. I don't think you want to spend a lot of time up here because the sleeping situations are not optimal for the players. And that is my biggest concern is that they are rested every morning. And you know, you got 35 guys on little twin bunks in a room. It's hard to get a good night's rest. And that is probably the only thing that is negative. Everything else functions real well."

While Bray was not thrilled with the sleeping arrangements, he did appreciate being with his team all day long. "Any time you get just the team in one place, you got to be together. So I hope you bond a little bit."

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