Erickson's Camp T Sunday Quotes

ASU's Head Coach shared his thoughts on the scrimmage after watching the film, and gave an update on some player injuries.

(on the status of Tranell Morant)

"He had to get an MRI. We sent him and Eric Tanner – they're going back tonight (Sunday)…we just have to see where it's at…we just have to get information."

(on his thoughts about the scrimmage after watching the film)

"There were some pluses and minuses on both sides of the football. I thought defensively, as I mentioned yesterday, we came out with a lot of energy, a lot of intensity, a lot of emotion and it showed up. That was really a teaching point on how to come out and play. Offensively that first group has been dominating pretty good all camp, and they came out not ready to play and got their butts kicked. The biggest disappointing thing for me was the mental assignment breakdowns that we had, particularly on offense. I've been through about 38 of those first scrimmages after two-a-days, and I'll tell you what – it wears on them."

(on practicing with shells rather than pads on Sunday)

"We're beat up pretty good right now. We have two tomorrow, so we'll go with shells in one and in pads in the afternoon. Then we go in pads the next afternoon."

(on injuries to other players)

"McFoy sprained his ankle. Bolden strained a muscle. Brady (Conrad) has a concussion…Dimitri Nance – it's a sprained ankle"

(on having the team condition at the end of practice) "We have to get in better shape number one. We ‘died' yesterday, so that's the main reason why we ran. I always have a purpose for everything…you got to operate and you got to do the things you need to do."

(on which players stood out on the scrimmage film)

"There are a couple of guys that are playing very well. Up front, David Smith is playing a lot better. Luis Vasquez is playing good. Goethel is playing really really well. Offensively you have to go with Kerry Taylor. He's playing really well and making plays." (on the play of Jonathan English in the scrimmage)

"He played OK. We have three weeks left and we have to see where we are at. But he did some good things for a young freshman." (on the play of James Brooks and whether he can help the team right now)

"He's very athletic and does a lot of things. It's just that technique wise…who knows? As time goes on in the next three weeks…he's a pleasant surprise." (on the play of Jarrell Woods in the scrimmage)

"Jarrell Woods did some really good things. I liked how he ran and he looked like what we saw on tape from a junior college. It's a real good thing and I think he can help us. What he does have is a great burst, like you saw in that touchdown and he's put together. He'll be a good one."

(on the play of Morris Wooten and the benefits of him having spring practice under his belt)

"The thing about Morris is that he wants to get better. At the end of the scrimmage he was asking ‘what have I done wrong? What can I do better?' He's always trying to get better. That's the kind of attitude that you have to have. I really like him and I can't imagine us without him…he can really be a disruptor and the biggest thing is that he's learning what he has to do in flying around and getting it done. When you know what you're doing, then you can just fly around and make some plays. He's getting to that point."

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