Torain Knows Offense Will See Better Days

Saturday's scrimmage was definitely a tough day for the ASU offense. Yet just like any game during the 2006 season, regardless of this unit's performance Ryan Torain is ultimately one the lone bright spots on this side of the ball. With eight carries and sixty yards the running back should feel good about his scrimmage performance but the senior chooses to look at the overall picture.

"The running backs always try to be the leaders of the group, lead by example and do things right," said Ryan Torain. "But all of us had mistakes and we have to correct them. We're gonna work on all that stuff and make sure we're better in practice an get ready for the next scrimmage."

It's easy to look at the Sun Devils Pac-10 second-ranked rushing offense (averaging 169.7 yards a game) and point to Torain's 1,229 as being the overwhelming reason for that accomplishment. However, the senior acknowledges the fact that the team has other accomplished ball carriers and he feels that last year's accomplishments aren't able to be duplicated or even surpassed without the rest of the running backs stepping up.

"We have a lot of great playmakers and a lot of depth," he stated. "If I come out and one of the other running backs comes in, I know I can count on him to make a big play…I would love to carry the ball 40 times, but I know that's not gonna happen and that we have other great running backs that are gonna get a lot of carries and make plays."

Fall camp has showcased an improved quarterback in Rudy Carpenter and a stable of receivers that have shown that ASU's passing attack can be an explosive outfit that can gobble large chunks of yards in relative minimal time, and light up the scoreboard. Nonetheless, Head Coach Dennis Erickson has repeatedly pointed to the team's running game as one of its biggest strengths.

"I can't tell if we're gonna run more than we pass," Torain stated. "We'll see what the future holds. I'm bias towards the run and I hope we get a lot of plays. I know we can make plays in the running game and passing game, and put points on the board. Whatever it takes to win, I‘m happy with it."

It's hard to look at second fall scrimmage and label it crucial. On the other hand, the offense would love to erase the painful memories of the last scrimmage and showcase the explosiveness that has been a staple of this group from the beginning of the season. "Oh yeah, the offense will be ready for the scrimmage," said Torain. " we just have to correct our mistakes and come out and play harder than we did."

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