Dennis Erickson Monday Camp T Quotes

Luis Vasquez went down early in Monday morning's practice with an ankle injury, leading to speculation on his condition from the whole team. Head coach Denis Erickson cleared up the situation briefly after practice.

"He has an ankle sprain, probably three to four weeks. It's a high ankle sprain," said Erickson. Vasquez's chances for playing in the opening game against San Jose State are still up in the air according to Erickson.

The ASU coach has obviously seen this type of injury before in his numerous years as College and NFL head coach. "I have been around those things before, those injuries. They are usually about three weeks (to recover)," Erickson said. While Coach Erickson can only speculate at this point, nothing is for sure in terms of a prognosis, "you really won't know for another week, or even two, where he is at."

This injury will have an impact on every facet of the team Erickson noted. It will also affect the redshirting status of freshman defensive end James Brooks. "We will see how James comes along. We still have Kellen Mills, we have Dexter Davis so we've got some guys," Erickson said. Not only does it have an impact on Brooks Erickson said, but "it has an impact on everything we do here."

Erickson has noticed a trend at camp Tontozona in regards to the player's health. "We've had a lot of ankle sprains up here for whatever reason," he said. "A lot more than any other place I have been." Not yet totally familiar with all the factors of camp Tontozona, Erickson doesn't know why they are happening. "All I know is we got a lot of ankle sprains," Erickson said. "More than I've ever ever been around in my life."

The junior strong safety Troy Nolan is getting better and is ahead of schedule according to Erickson. He explained what needs to happen in order for a player to have a speedier recovery than expected. "Getting ahead of schedule with injuries has a lot to do with who is injured," Erickson said, and complimented Nolan at the same time. "You know, guys that want to come back fast, come back a little bit faster than those that don't. That's just kind of the nature of the game." In good faith to Nolan, Coach Erickson described what physical factors are leading to Nolan's speedy recovery. "He has been out there running around. He is a guy that wants to play. If you go to treatment and do the things you're supposed to, and you get extra treatment and you find a way to get out there and you get out sooner."

Erickson then went on to answer questions about senior Brent Miller who is locked as the team's starting tight end. According to Coach Erickson "He has had a very good camp. He has been a real leader." Miller is entering his senior season for the Sun Devils and for the first time he won't be playing second fiddle to his brother Zach Miller. "I think he has been in the shadow the last few years and I think it's his time to break out," Erickson said. Miller is going to have a lot of opportunities this year under the Erickson offensive system that often uses two tight end formations.

"Our base philosophy will be a three-wide, two-tight ends," Erickson explained. Erickson also plans to stretch Miller out to catch balls on the line as well as in the field. A strength of the ASU offense this year is the depth at the tight end position which includes Brady Conrad, Lance Evbuomwan, Dane Guthrie, Dan Knapp, Andrew Pettes, and Jovon Williams.

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