Coach Erickson Thursday's Quotes

The move of Dane Guthrie from tight end to defensive end was naturally a hot topic when the ASU head coach addressed the media after Thursday's practice.

On Moving Dane Guthrie to Defensive End:

"We are going to take a look at him. I have been debating that back and forth for a couple of days. He was a hell of a defensive end in high school. He was recruited as a defensive end by Miami and a number of other places. I knew it but I didn't know about it so for the last couple of days we thought we would just take a look and see for a day or two. He will end up going back to tight end eventually. "

On Guthrie's performance at tonight's practice: "I really didn't watch. I'll have to talk to the defensive coaches and then I will watch the tape tomorrow morning and see. I will have a better idea then. I would probably think that he was probably a little rusty. "

On Guthrie's feelings about the move:

"We have talked about this before; he has always kind of wanted to try it. Probably should have done it in the spring but we didn't. Now with the injury situation, we'll just see. We got two weeks left, if it works out he will scrimmage some in both places. We'll just see if it works out. It's a heck of a deal. If not, he is an awfully good tight end. We are just trying to develop some depth and try to find the best way to win football games. If that means moving him around then that is what we have to do."

On the impact to the tight ends:

"We have got some young guys that have come along at tight end. It is not like we don't have players at tight end. We'll just wait and see. I didn't even watch him today so I probably can't tell you. I do know that he is a heck of an athlete and he can run."

On who made the decision for the move:

"Coach Bray and I were the ones to start talking about it. Dane came in and was interested in doing it because he had played there before. So we said what the heck. Dane was very receptive to it. Probably more receptive than I was. You know, moving a guy at this time of the year, but why not, let's take a look and see. You can always move back. He really is not on defense; he really is a tight end. Unless something happens. Sometimes you get injuries that force you to do different times, sometimes it works out. I don't think my luck has run out yet."

On the recovery of Brandon Smith:

"I thought he would be back sooner. It is better than it was and it didn't heal much up at Camp Tontozona at all. So, we will see. Those other guys have healed a lot faster than he has. Hopefully he can go tomorrow night. "

On tomorrow's scrimmage format:

"It is going to be as much of a game situation as we can. It will be kind of like spring game was. The ones against ones, twos against twos, threes against threes. We will go live off punt return some. We will go live off kickoff return a couple times. But we will drive it and then punt it and give them field position. We have to deal with the clock, the 45 second clock. Signaling plays and all that stuff, we have to do that tomorrow too. Trying to make it as much like a game as we can."

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