Erickson ‘Frustrated' With Offense

Friday night's scrimmage was a disappointing display from the Sun Devil offense, yet the defense was impressive. When Coach Erickson addressed the media after the game he was frustrated but hopeful.

"I'm somewhat frustrated offensively," said Erickson. "We have some talent out there, but we're not executing like we need to. We're a much better offensive football team than we showed. That's what upsets me. We have some weapons and some potential offensively, but we're just not playing like we need to play."

Both the offense and the defense have kinks to work out and issues that need to be addressed. Erickson recognized the impressive effort the defense has made, but naturally was not impressed by what he saw on the other side of the ball. "I don't know that we're the most talented defensive team," Erickson said. "But I know one thing. We play hard and we get to the football, and that's what it's all about, and that's what we have been preaching all along." Erickson added, "Right now we are playing fairly good on defense. Offensively, I'm a little disappointed."

The team will spend the next two weeks fine tuning and attempting to get the players and coaches all on the same page. "You just have to keep practicing, that's all you can do," Erickson said. "I will review that tapes tomorrow and the team will have the next couple days off."

Erickson said he was not worried about quarterback Rudy Carpenter's performance, but emphasized that it is a team effort. He was also confident with the depth that he has on defense with safeties Troy Nolan and Josh Barrett.

Third-string quarterback Samson Szakacsy played well registering only one incomplete pass. "Samson was pretty good," Erickson remarked. "I like what I've seen on tape, he's a natural. Some guys you have to coach and some guys are naturals."

The kicking game was one of the stronger points throughout the scrimmage. "I thought Thomas (Weber) kicked the ball really well on kickoffs," said Erickson. "He kicked the ball high. I think we're fortunate we have two good kickers. I also think Thomas stepped up today. I thought we punted the ball well, but we have to get some more work done on the kicking game."

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