Erickson's Thursday Post-Practice Quotes

The Sun Devils have started their preparations for San Jose State today, and the ASU head coach talked about the state of the team in terms or injuries and redshirts.

(on whether all the players wearing the gold jerseys in practice today are those designated to redshirt)

"Not necessarily. Probably 95%. There some…like (Garth) Gerhart is a question mark. (Thomas) Altieri will be back in two weeks – it isn't as serious as we thought. It depends on what happens. We would like to redshirt him… (English) he will play. We'll play with Omar (Bolden) obviously and Kerry (Taylor). James Brooks - we'll hold off and see what happens. We feel pretty good were we're at (defensive) end right now. Luis Vasquez is coming along pretty well. He may be back this first game, but I will say for sure for the Colorado game. With moving Dane (Guthrie) there, we feel that we're in good shape."

(on the injury to Jarrell Woods)

"Jarrell has a sprained ankle. Hopefully he'll be back on Tuesday but we don't know that for sure. Kind of depends of what happens over the weekend."

(on whether Brandon Smith and Rudy Burgess are ruled out for the season opener)

"They're not ruled out. It's amazing how the adrenalin runs on game week. A lot of guys that got hurt, get healthy pretty fast. You can't really tell until Tuesday or Wednesday. Right now we would go with Mike Jones, Kyle (Williams) in the slot, and Chris (McGaha) at flanker – those would be our three wide receivers."

(on how anxious he is for the season opener)

"It seems like it has been a long time since I got here…Actually it has. Time flies when you're a little bit older. It's flying for me, but I can't wait to see where exactly we are at, see how we compare to other people, because you're really don't know until you play a game and watch yourself on tape."

(on whether he's settled on the place-kicker position) "Thomas Weber will be our place-kicker. He won the job, he's been around, and he's been very consistent the last two weeks. As the competition started he got better and better. But they're both good. Zach (Richards) is awfully good for a true freshman. That battle will continue. It's all about performance and I hate to put it on people but if you're not kicking good, we'll find somebody that can. Thomas is kicking well and I look for him to have a big year for us."

(on whether he is content with the punt game)

"I like it. Our protection is good. The most important thing is protection, and that's where we spend most of fall camp working on. I feel good where we at protection wise. Our snapper is doing very well and JJ (Jonathan Johnson) is punting very well. I feel good about it."

Following the official announcement that he won't redshirt, Jonathan English addressed the media after practice as well. Even though the defensive tackle envisioned playing in his first year, he did realize during camp that it was from being a certainty. "I was worried a little a bit because they had so many guys at Defensive Tackle," he said. "Most of them have been here longer than I have, so they know the defense better than I do. It's such a bigger step than high school. The guys are so much bigger and faster. It was good to finally find out that I was playing."

Since English arrived in Tempe, he has been working diligently to shed some pounds off his frame, and naturally that hard work ultimately paid off. "I actually lost 13 pounds since I've been here," he commented. "Every morning I'm on the stair-master before class, still cutting weight…I'm down to 320." English, an avid basketball player, added that he played in some pickup games during the summer with members of ASU's basketball team.

As a resident of New Orleans, English like many hundreds of thousands of that are residents, was displaced because of Hurricane Katrina. That naturally affected his life in a major way on and off the field. "I've been through a lot, but I still was better off than most people. It hasn't been that bad."

English noted that his family members were going to attend every home game regardless if he was playing or not. Suffice to say that they'll be a little extra excited to make the trip to Tempe next weekend.

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