Erickson's Friday Quotes

The ASU head coach addressed the media after the team's mock game on Friday night.

(on having the team distract kicker Thomas Weber at the end of the mock game)

"You can't put much more pressure on a kicker than I just put on the kicker. That is true pressure. Coming in here next Saturday (for the season opener) will be easy. The only thing I could have done is put in running if he didn't make it. But I didn't want that to happen."

(on his thoughts of the mock game)

"It was more of a game situation. Trying to put ourselves in different situations on the football field…move the ball down to the red zone, got all our kicking game in. We went against all the San Jose State stuff basically, so it was a start of preparation for them. We felt that if we come out and do that and not scrimmage, which I didn't want to do because we did Wednesday, we might as well start preparing for San Jose State…management of the game is all we were trying to accomplish."

(on playing San Jose State, the last team he played against last season as Idaho's coach)

"I hope it turns out different. I played against Dick (Tomey San Jose State's head coach) so many times, probably seven, eight different times...he has as big of an obituary as I do."

(does the mutual familiarity between him and Tomey wipe out any advantages he may have)

"I don't know that he knows what we do on defense. Obviously he knows offensively we're gonna keep pretty much the same scheme, but defensively he has to guess unless he had some people in the stands…which now that I think about he probably could."

(on what kind of defense does San Jose State run) "They're a four-down group. They play nickel in three-down. They have a lot of guys coming back, two great corners – one is an All-American and led the country in interceptions (Dwight Lowery, nine interceptions). They like to isolate him and help the other guys. They got better as the year went on – a lot of those guys were freshmen last year. They're not a team that's gonna blitz you a lot, but they're very sound. He's (Tomey) is a defensive coach and he's very solid – we have our work cut out for us. "

(on how he feels about the team's readiness going into the last week of preparations)

"I'll tell you next Saturday. I have a lot of trouble feeling where we're at right now, particularly the first time you're with your team. It's just so darn hard figuring it out. I like where we're at. I wish we were a little healthier in a lot of areas – but that's how it goes. I think you'll see injured guys come back pretty fast next week."

(on the depth chart at tight end behind Brent Miller)

"We're gonna play a couple of different guys. Tyrice ThompsonAndrew Pettes will play quite a bit. Brady Conrad is back now and was playing very well before he got his concussion. We'll do it by committee other than Brent…Jovon (Williams) has had a good fall too. We're just trying to figure it out and see where we're at there. We'll be in two tights a lot, but we'll be also in three wides a lot"

(on if the cutoff for redshirting a player, like James Brooks, goes beyond the season opener)

"He could come out the sixth game. It just depends where our depth is."

(on who his starting return me are on special teams)

"Kyle (Williams) will return punts. Justin (Tryon) and Kyle will return kickoffs.

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