Davis Leads Strong Effort from ASU's D-Line

San Jose State came into Tempe knowing that they were going to have some serious competition. They realized that ASU's running game is strong, as well as their passing game. One thing that San Jose State might have overlooked though was the strength of the ASU defensive line and players such as Dexter Davis.

San Jose State posted a total of 115 net yards gained; 75 in the air and 40 on the ground. They punted seven times, had one fumble, and two interceptions. To sum it up nicely San Jose State was not prepared to face ASU's defense.

Some of that credit belongs to sophomore Defensive end Dexter Davis. At halftime Davis already recorded three tackles, two for a loss, and one sack. Three of Davis' tackles were for a loss. The humble Phoenix Thunderbird High School product is a hardworking player who gives more credit than he takes.

"Yeah I think it was a solid performance. Like Rob (Robert James) said, we prepared really well for (San Jose State). Our coaches had us ready for anything they were going to throw at us," He said.

"We did a pretty good job. We still made some mistakes and everything, but we are going to get them corrected this week and we will be ready for Colorado," Davis commented. If the coaches at Colorado have seen this game's recap you can be sure that they have noticed the shocking numbers that ASU held San Jose State to Saturday night.

Last year ASU had almost the same supporting cast on defense but their performance was not up to the same par as Saturday's. There have been some changes in the defense according to Davis. "I think we are just trying to be competitive all the time and trying to focus around trying to fly around the football and make as many plays as possible. I don't know if the attitude has changed so much from last year," he said.

Some things have changed though according to Davis, like the focus of the defense and their drive to accomplish what they know can do.

The new coaching staff has instilled a new practice method on the Devils this year that according to Davis has improved their focus. "I would say that practices are a little shorter but they are real crisp and to the point. So we go 100 percent all the time and I think that really transferred over to the game," he said.

Davis recorded 10.5 tackles for loss as a freshman last season. With two tackles for loss tonight, he's obviously off to a good start in that category.

Erickson has said all pre-season that you learn the most about your team when you play games. So what did Davis learn after Saturday's game? "Just to be ready to go every down and every snap and 100 percent because it could be your last."

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