James Has Career Night Against Spartans

Robert James displayed power and agility throughout Saturday night's season opener. The defense held San Jose to only 115 total yards, and James with a team-high ten total tackles, one interception and one sack was a big reason for the way the Sun Devil defense stifled the Spartans. Devils Digest was able to catch up with him after the game.

"I told all the guys before the game started that we can't let them score on us," recalled James. "If they don't score on us we can't lose. We got to get three-and-out. We have to make them work."

The ASU defense put in a lot of time watching video on San Jose in their preparation for tonight's game. "We expected a lot more from them so they kind of made it simple for us," James said. "It was easy for us to make our reads and run around and do what we do best…we knew they were going to spread it out but we had a lot of checks. That wasn't really the hard part of their offense for us. We had that down pat. We were expecting a lot more split zone, speed options, reverse passes and belly tosses. They made it simple for us today."

In addition, to watching video the defense has been practicing hard, which was apparent on the field Saturday night. "We practiced full speed and wanted to carry that over into the game," noted James. "Coach Bray expects a lot out of us so we went out there and executed."

The quarterback as well as the running back for San Jose State was taken out soon after the start of the second half. "We were surprised to see that but especially the tailback too, number 34 (Yonus Davis)" James said. "We watched a lot of film on him. We figured if we could stop him we had a good chance of winning the game. I don't think he was in there for more than two series."

The ASU offense dominated the time of possession which allowed the defense time to recuperate between series. "We weren't that tired," remarked James. "They did a good job moving the chains and keeping the time (running) on the clock. We were fresh, moved right around, got three and out. We weren't in there for too long or have too many long drives. That helped out a lot because we weren't tired. We were able to execute."

James suffered numerous concussions last season. He admitted to naturally having some fear before the game but was able to overcome it on the field. "I was kind of nervous before the game, but it really didn't have to do with my concussions," James said. "I haven't had any pain or headaches in awhile so I wasn't worried about that. I was kind of worried about my performance and how I was going to play. I was happy with my performance, but I'm still a little rusty out there. I will be ready to go by next week."

According to senior the defensive attitude this season is straight to the point- there are no favorites. Period. "The coaches are going to play the best players so there is none of the ‘this guy is gonna play because the coach likes him better' out there," James said. "At the same time if you're in there and loafing and you're not running full speed even if you are the best player you're not going to play. So everyone out there is running full speed. Everyone is trying to give it their best. I really feel we have a good chance to win (more games)."

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