Erickson Displeased with Offense in Practice

In their first practice preparing for the Colorado game, ASU's head coach was not content in what he saw from his offensive unit during Tuesday's night practice.

"It was very average at best on offense," said Erickson. "We didn't concentrate like we need to. It wasn't very good; I gotta be honest with you. Defensively we practiced well. Offensively, too many mistakes and didn't focus on what we needed to focus. Gotta get better tomorrow (Wednesday)."

On the bright side, two of the team's running backs are poised to be at full strength for Saturday. "Dimitri (Nance) finally is back and that makes a huge difference,' Erickson commented. "He's pretty close to 100% and that's why I didn't play him on Saturday, so it will be nice to have him back. Keegan (Herring) with his neck, we have him in an orange jersey, but he'll be able to play on Saturday." Erickson added that running back Jarrell Woods is a week away from being able to possibly play in a game.

Wide receiver Mike Jones injured his shoulder in the win over San Jose State, and sported an orange jersey as well. However, Erickson didn't give any indication that the junior stands to miss this week's game. Fellow receivers, Brandon Smith and Rudy Burgess, who didn't play last weekend, stand a good chance to see some game action. "Both were out there, but close, can't say they're 100% yet," Erickson remarked. "Hopefully they will be on Saturday night."

Erickson was naturally very happy to learn earlier today that linebacker Robert James was named Pac-10 defensive player of the week. "Anytime you win an award like that it goes to the entire defense, but he had an outstanding game," said Erickson of his linebacker who had ten total tackles against San Jose State. "He's been through so much with those headaches and all the different things he has been through. He didn't know if he was even gonna be able to play in the summer time. He's worked very hard, and hasn't had a problem knock on wood. It's well-deserved and he's a good football player."

The ASU coach is also very pleased with the play of linebacker Travis Goethel. "He's very consistent, doesn't make many mistakes, and runs to the football – he's at the right place all the time. He does a really good job."

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