Rudy Carpenter's Press Conference Quotes

ASU's quarterback addresses the media in his weekly press conference.

On yelling at his offensive line – "Colorado had us confused a little bit. They were brining a lot of people from all over the place. It is hard to play my position when you get hit every play. I was just letting them know that I'm tired of getting hit. You have to do your job so I can do my job. I don't like to be that way with those guys. I threw that interception for a touchdown and those guys weren't happy with me. They were getting on me too. I think its part of the game, I think its part of playing my position and it is part of being a leader."

On playing outside of the pocket – "When I was in high school it was something that I liked to do. It was something that was fun. The difference is, is that in high school not everyone is big and fast and hit really hard. I like to do it because I make some plays, some big plays for us. It kind of kept us alive sometimes and first and second down instead of having longer distances to go. I feel comfortable doing it but I don't know if my body can take all of those hits. They don't feel good. I would rather stay in the pocket and throw the ball and watch those guys run and get hit. I think that later in the game I might have left the pocket a little too early a couple of times. It's hard, I got hit a lot this game and I started to see the rush a little bit and I think that's natural. I think the biggest adjustment and improvement that I can make is start throwing the ball to the running backs, start chucking the ball down. That's something that I tried to emphasize during fall camp and just for that reason, you forget about those guys. Maybe even throwing it away sometimes if I need to. "

On coming back from a terrible first quarter: "It happened really fast. That's probably the worst way you can start off a game. Games are four quarters long. The thing that is good about that is we stayed relaxed, we stayed calm and we didn't panicky. Guys believed in the game plan that we had and what coaches were trying to do. I think that was the biggest reason we were able to come back and win."

On the attitude of the team after two wins: "I think everyone is really happy. We are 2-0; I think that a lot of people thought that San Jose State was going to be a really good team. We thought that was a big win for us. Colorado is a much better team than they were last year. They beat Colorado State this last week, and State played Cal pretty well this last weekend. I think the team in general is real happy with the fact that we are two and 0, but I think we also know that there is so much to improve on. Offensively we have a lot to improve on and just mentally with the penalties. We have a lot to improve on in that aspect too."

On the penalty issue: "Well yea. I know guys like to play. Coach Erickson straight up told everyone in this room that ‘I don't care who you are, I don't care how good you are, and I don't care what your name is. If you make those same penalties, or another one of those penalties you will be standing next to me for the rest of the game.' He did that on Saturday in the game. I think that guys will think twice before they make a penalty like the ones we had in the game if they want to play."

On the offensive switch from first to second half: "The running game started working for a couple of different of reasons. When we went no huddle what happened was it made the defense adjust to the no huddle and they couldn't do as many things as they were trying to do earlier in the game. They couldn't pressure us as much, they couldn't substitute as much. They had to stay with the same personnel, so it allowed us to get easy looks and run the ball which helped our offensive line. But our coaches made a great adjustment at halftime. We drew up a couple of new plays to adjust the run that Colorado had not seen before which helped us in the running game. One of the important things we did in that game was we went no huddle and it gave us a chance to gain a rhythm."

On Brent Miller: "Brent has had a couple of unfortunate things happen the last two weeks. The two fumbles he had were a mixture of him not being strong enough with the ball, but also the defenders making good plays on him. Brent is a huge part of our passing game and a huge part of our game plan every week. Brent's a senior and has played in a lot of game. He's been around the block so I worry the least about Brent than anybody else on our team."

On the defense: "If they can play like that every game, we are going to win a lot of games. I play offense and everyone likes to see the offense do well, but watching those guys run around and make plays, it's fun to watch. It's been great watching Robert James. We missed him last year and we missed him in the spring too. Robert has been playing well this year and hopefully he can keep it up. He has been an unbelievable player for us this year."

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