Lesson Learned for Williams, Sun Devils

Sure, when you talk about his highlight reel catch Kyle Williams can't wipe the grin off his face. Yet, when the talk turns to the slow start the maroon and gold had against Colorado, the discussion obviously takes on a much serious tone.

After being unchallenged during a victory over San Jose State, the players appeared to have lost focus going into last Saturday's game against Colorado. Thankfully they were able to recover after getting a hard slap to the face; however, the wide receiver and the team realize the importance not allowing themselves to fall behind.

"I think you can get cocky sometimes and take a team lightly," noted Williams. "I think we may have done that at the beginning with Colorado, but we can't do that anymore with any team- from San Diego State all the way to the end when we play Arizona. We can't do that and I don't think you'll see that anymore."

At the very mention of his jaw-dropping touchdown catch against Colorado Saturday night a slight smile creeps across the face of Kyle Williams. "I can't stop thinking about it," he remarked with noticeable excitement. "Especially when everyone keeps talking and asking me about it."

Williams went on to describe how he managed to make the touchdown grab and avoid a devastating interception in the end zone. "I didn't even think it was coming my way," Williams recalled. "I came out of my break not even looking back at it. The ball was just right there, so I reached out and grabbed it."

The first quarter, which included an interception for a touchdown by Colorado, was a struggle for the Devils. Although they went into the second quarter trailing 14-0, the team, specifically the offense, was able to stay focused. "We didn't break our confidence or composure," noted Williams. "We knew we were going to come back, and we knew we were a better team and that we just needed to play like it."

The sophomore wide receiver acknowledged that it is not just one specific player's responsibility to step things up during adversity. Each and every player has to contribute. "What we do around here- it doesn't really matter what age you are," Williams explained. "If you're a leader you're gonna lead by example. If you're the youngest guy on the team or the oldest it doesn't matter. You're gonna do what you can to get the team in the right direction."

Williams is quickly establishing himself among top ASU's wide receivers. In addition to his contribution to the offense, he has also proven to be a threat on special teams. Playing in six games last season as a redshirt freshman, mainly as a return guy on special teams, he continues to push himself and grow as a player. "I think I got a lot of experience last year with those six games, and it helped me a lot with strategy," Williams said.

Williams and the other players are getting ready for this week's game against San Diego State, whose secondary is slightly less experienced than the first two they faced this season. "We're looking forward to playing everyone on our schedule this year," Williams said. "They (San Diego State) are just another game and we're taking it one game at a time. We're gonna be looking forward to every single one of them too."

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