Erickson's Thursday's Post-Practice Quotes

Often a team will break its schedule into two distinct sections: non-conference and conference play. Some may even treat the former merely as a warm-up for the league slate which makes up the bulk of the schedule, with its own set of goals. For ASU's Head Coach there's nothing in specific that he wants to see from his squad against San Diego State other than the natural desired result.

"I'd like to see a win – that's all I care about," said Erickson. "I don't know how that game will be. I've been in games like that…I played San Diego State when we were at Miami and we should have had our rear ends kicked. We barely won it at the end. I don't know how we're gonna come out emotionally. These guys have to come to play and win – that's all I care about."

Erickson gave a short update on his injured players:

Luis Vasquez (who didn't practice today) - "He's gonna be all right. He could have gone if we had to. No sense putting him out there."

Ryan Torain and Brent Miller - "It's a Saturday decision as far as Ryan is concerned. Same thing with Brent. There's a possibility both could play."

In Miller's absence, both Andrew Pettes and Brady Conrad have been seeing an increase in snaps at tight end.

"Pettes has been playing good. Brady has been playing pretty good," Erickson remarked. "We got some guys there and they just got to fill in. It's gonna happen like this all season. A good football team – if a guy gets hurt another guy has to come in and has to play. Irregardless of being a freshman or whatever (year) they are. In order to win you have to have that happen. You can't concern yourself with those things. All you can concern yourself with are the guys that are playing."

Erickson contends that San Diego State will be the toughest team ASU has faced thus far offensively. "The quarterback is the best we faced," he explained. "He's an awfully good player and has been for a long time. In my opinion and talking to people, he'll probably be drafted pretty high. He's big, has a great arm, can move…they have some skill and they can move the football. They spread you out all over the place…they create problems for you. We gotta get a pass rush on them…"

When asked about the video taping incident involving the New England Patriots, Erickson who coached in the NFL replied: "I'm so glad I'm out of that league (NFL). I promise you I don't even care and I don't even know what happened…nothing surprises me in that league. A lot of allegations out there…we'll let the new commissioner take care of it."

Earlier this week Terry Ennis, who Erickson has known for several years, and who coached at Archbishop Murphy High School in Washington, passed away. "He's a very close friend of mine," said Erickson. "His dad hired my dad. My dad was a coach at Cascade High School where Terry coached. Terry was a couple years ahead of me in high school, so I idolized him. He has been battling (prostate) cancer for four, five years. He coaches Friday night and dies on Monday. That guy was coaching until the end. He's a very special person…he could have coached in college. I tried to hire him a few times."

More information on Coach Ennis can be found in this Seattle Times article

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