Erickson's Post-Practice Quotes

ASU's head coach addressed the media after practice concerning the health of several of his players and other topics.

On his thoughts about Wednesday's Practice

"It was all right. Practiced a little better today than we did yesterday. Got our plan and we'll see what happens. Tomorrow is a mental day for us with no pads, clean up some special teams stuff and get ready. We've been waiting a long time for this Pac-10 opener."

On whether the health of his injured players has been improving

"We're a lot healthier. Michael Marquardt – I'd say he's pretty questionable for the game. But other than that we're starting to get some guys back. Saia (Falahola) will probably be back next week…the good thing is that we haven't lost anybody for the year. Every week changes, you're gonna lose some guys and some guys have to step up. It's gonna be fun. Playing the Pac-10 opener that's what it's all about at home. It's gonna be exciting getting those fans out there, getting 60 some thousand out there…it will be a heck of an atmosphere."

On whether Brandon Smith and Jarrell Woods are ready to play

"They're ready. The only problem is that they're ready physically, but mentally they missed so much time that they're making mental mistakes. I don't know if they'll play very much on Saturday to be honest with you. They'll work themselves in and obviously have an influence on the outcome of the season."

On who will take the spot of Marquardt in the lineup

"(Jon Hargis, Tashaka Meriwether and Jonathan English) it would be those three in a rotation."

On how Jonathan Johnson has been performing

"He's been punting really well this week. He has had some muscle problems in his defense and it's hard to kick when you got those problems. The biggest thing we got to do is kick it high and try to place it in places where we can cover so that Stroughter doesn't get a chance to bring one back – he's awfully good. It's a real important phase for us in special teams…Thomas Weber has been kicking better than I've seen him kick field goals. He has some confidence and that makes difference."

On the health of Josh Barrett

"Josh hasn't been healthy the last three weeks and he's started to become healthier right now. Him and Jeremy (Payton) we will alternate them in the game…it was a pectoral (injury). He's had it and it got worse and it really started to bother him. It affects his tackling; every time he moves his arms it affects him. It has affected him a lot more than he let on."

On the progress Ryan Torain has made

"He actually practiced very well today, so did Keegan. We got a pretty good 1-2 punch there. They're both gonna play, and when you have them both that can punch it in there – it's a heck of a deal."

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