Thursday Post-Practice Quotes

ASU's head coach addressed the media after the last practice leading up to the Pac-10 opener against Oregon State.

(On whether Hargis will be the primarily player to replace the injured Marquardt)

"He'll start, but he'll be part of a four-man rotation."

(On how he feels about his team's readiness for this weekend)

"We practiced well. We're paying attention, we're focusing. It's a league game obviously. A league game at home, which is awfully important. Our guys practiced well and they'll be ready to play. Now it's a matter of how well we play on Saturday. The week's play went OK, but you don't win during he do but you don't"

(On whether Oregon State's athleticism and personnel on defense will force him on putting more wrinkles in the offense)

"No, we'll just do what we do. They're a good defense, as good as there is in our league aside from USC probably. They're physical and they're experienced. All those guys have played for two, three years. "

(On whether this upcoming game, being a Pac-10 game, is one where he stresses to his players that the intensity level has to pick up)

"You can stress a lot of things, (but) they're the ones that have to do it. So they better stress it to each other. They know what's at stake…I don't know any football player that ever goes into a game not thinking that he's gonna play at the highest intensity level that he can play at. Something changes when you're in the league (play). That's just how it is."

(On whether the types of routes the Oregon State receivers run will be a big adjustment for his defense)

"We haven't faced a passing team like this – there's no question about it. Their routes are a little bit different, but see those routes all the time. We've seen them in spring football. Each week someone does something a little different offensively that you haven't seen a lot or practiced…but really the majority of their offense is very similar to ours."

(On whether the defense will try and rattle a young quarterback like Sean Canfield)

"Nah, I'm more worried about us then him. I'm worried about us being able to execute what we execute on defense. People talk about that all the time (rattling a young QB) and you can talk to every coach and they'll say that they don't do anything different. Hopefully we'll get some pressure on him the way we get pressure within our package. I'll tell you what – he's a heck of a thrower. The bottom line is that you have to stop Yvenson (Bernard) - he's one of the best backs in the country, and the offensive front is very physical. That's the challenge for us right now. The challenge as we get into the game obviously if we're able to deal with that (the run) is the passing game, but we better be able to deal with that (the run) first."

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