Wednesday Post-Practice Quotes

As the Devils get ready to embark on their first away game of the season against Stanford, the coaches are continuing to tweak the line-up and develop the defensive strategy. One specific change made was the switch between reserve quarterbacks Samson Szakacsy and Chasen Stangel. Head Coach Dennis Erickson spoke with the media Wednesday night after practice, shedding light on the team's condition.

(on Chasen Stangel moving into the third string quarterback position)

"Samson has a really bad arm, God help him, and it's been bothering him. He just can't play so we decided to make Stangel our third quarterback. So they just flipped roles."

(on Samson Szakacsy's ongoing injury)

"It's tendonitis and it hasn't gotten a lot better. I'm really concerned about it. He had a little trouble in high school but he's seen a doctor and its something that's obviously healable. We just have to work on getting it healed."

(on Chasen Stangel's progress)

"We moved him last week, got him a few turns just in case something happens. You never know, hopefully nothing happens but you have to have a third guy ready."

(on Shaun Lauvou's playing time during practice)

"He's getting better. He's very athletic and we just want to give him a chance. We have seven guys like I've told you before- him at guard and Julius at tackle- that we try to rotate in there. He's very athletic, he's strong. It's just a matter of him playing. We have to get him more playing time. Whether it's in a starting role or he comes in. But he played quite a bit the other day against Oregon State, and he played pretty well. He played better than Robert in that game and that's why we were a little bit discouraged, but Robert has played better than him also."

(on heavy blitzing during defensive practice)

"We've got to find a way to put pressure on the quarterback. So we're going to do some different things. We're just adding some things to our package just like we do offensively every week. We would like to get through every time. When I was at Miami we'd rush four every down, take two deep zones."

(on Omar Bolden in practice)

"We just needed to get Omar some reps, he hasn't played much. Chris Baloney and Justin Tyron will still start. He just hasn't had a lot of turns and we needed to see him."

(on Thomas Weber)

"You can see in practice he's kicking it so much better. He's got that confidence. It's all about confidence. He was knocking them through today better than I've ever seen him knock him through. We all know he's got a big leg. He's got a big time leg."

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