Thursday Post-Practice Quotes

ASU's Head Coach Dennis Erickson addressed the media after the team's last practice before embarking on their first road trip – a Saturday night meeting with Stanford.

(on the play of the offensive line this week in practice, in light of their performance last week)

"They practiced well. They're not happy with their performance – they know better than anybody. Nobody does anything on purpose…they've gotten better and they will get better. I expect them to play very well on Saturday and continue to improve. The thing we've got to do as a football team…we're not near where we got to be. Not even close. So we have to get better and better every week in practice in all areas. The offensive line knows that and we'll see how they line ‘er up at Stanford on Saturday."

(on whether Michael Marquardt will play or not)

"Marquardt will not play, as well as Travis Smith – they won't make the trip. Saia (Falahola) will play. (on Nance) this is the best he's looked all fall. I think he's finally healthy."

(on his whether he changes any routines in practice in preparation for a road game)

"We don't change our practice routine ever, unless it gets towards the end of the year and then we might cut things back a little bit. Playing on the road really doesn't make any difference."

(on how he feels in general before the team's first road game)

"I feel the same before every game…my stomach isn't very good…I'm nervous…I anticipate us playing very well, but I've been in a lot of games and it doesn't always happen. Our players are mentally focused. They want to succeed – they want to get to five wins. They want to win a road game in California. All those things are very aware of, so I certainly would be very surprised if they weren't ready to play mentally and physically."

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