Blue Chip Quarterback Recaps Visit To Tempe

Michael Affleck, the highly regarded signal caller from Provo, Utah visited ASU this past weekend. We talked to him to get his thoughts on the visit.

Michael Affleck said the trip was "Great. I loved it." When asked if there was a specific thing or things about ASU he particularly liked, he gushed over almost everything the Sun Devils had to offer:" The new offices (of the Athletic Administration building) and weight room are great. Sun Devil Stadium is impressive. Phoenix/Tempe is just a great city." Affleck even liked the dorms where the freshmen football players stay (Sonora Residence Hall). Overall, he couldn't find anything negative to say about the trip.

The 6-3 239 signal caller was also very positive about the coaches and players. "The coaches are very nice. I really appreciate their honesty. I hung out with the players on Friday night, and I had a lot of fun." When asked about the ASU-North Carolina game, he mentioned that seeing an ASU loss did not take away from the great visit at all. "I know ASU would have won the game if they made fewer mistakes, like the missed field goals. They also got some bad pass interference calls against them." He also commented that he likes how young the team is, and especially how good the younger players are. "It's definitely an up and coming team, and I'd like to be a part of that." Naturally, he was VERY impressed by the passing game. How surprising is it that a quarterback would be impressed by 470+ yards of passing…?

As far as the timing of his decision, Michael said: "I would like to make my decision in about a month and a half, or sooner." A comment that he made to us that is bound to put a smile on ASU fans' faces is that, in the wake of his visit to ASU, Affleck plans on canceling his visit to Tucson. Other schools he's considering are Colorado, Oregon, and USC. Affleck, who was very enthusiastic and excited during our conversation, said that the Sun Devils have moved up the list of his favorite schools and are "right at the top."

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