Stanford Post-Game Quotes

PALO ALTO, CALIF. - Coach Dennis Erickson and his players discuss the 41-3 win over Stanford.

Dennis Erickson

(on his game thoughts)

"We played great on defense. What can you say when you hold someone to minus two yards rushing…you can't ask for much more than that. It gave the offense opportunities when they weren't moving the ball early. I thought we ran the ball pretty well on offense and made plays when we had to. It was a win. Winning on the road in California for the first time in a while."

(on the play of Rudy Burgess)

"Rudy is playing well. He's catching the ball and making big plays for us. We all knew he could do that. He's healthy for a change and that makes a difference. With him and Kyle (Williams) alternating there, we're keeping a fresh guy in the slot position. We're a big play team – that's how we're getting our points. I don't know if it's good or bad. We'd like to be more consistent. I'm a little disappointed on the goal line when we had 1st and goal on the one-yard line…again, it's a win and we can't be disappointed."

(on the slow offensive start and the impact of the Burgess touchdown)

"We got a 14-point turn around right before the half. That was the difference in the football game. All of a sudden to make a play on third down for a touchdown, and all of a sudden you pick off a pass for a touchdown…a game that was close has now turned around. Those two plays were huge for us."

(on the play of the offensive line)

"I thought they played good at times. It's hard to tell until you look at the tape. Stanford did a good job of pressuring us. They brought a lot of different blitzes that we haven't seen, and created problems for us. Finally we got those 14 points. That put them in a tough position in what they had to do."

(on his thoughts of the Burgundy pants the team wore for the first time)

"I'm not much a fashion nut. Those are things we talked about…they all look the same to me. I guess it's a fashion statement."

(on whether he talked to his team before the game about the upsets that took place on Saturday)

"I haven't heard any scores…I don't (think about) stuff like that. I worry about how we are playing. I'll worry about them (scores) when I pick up the paper tomorrow…we still gotta go to Pullman next week, so it doesn't matter who won."

Omar Bolden

(on scoring a touchdown during his first ever start)

"I gotta to. If the (interception) is there I have to take it…I was in a cover-two call. Robert James in the flat tipped the ball, I was there to pick it up and it was over from there…in high school I was a running back, so when I touch that ball I gotta get into the end zone…when the ball went up in the air, I said ‘here we go'…I grabbed it and took it home from there."

(on the play of the defense vs. Stanford)

"Every week we play great. Every week. We have to credit Coach Bray. He coaches us from Monday to Thursday hard."

(on whether Bray's system really makes the defensive scheme that simple)

"In a way yes. But you have to know your assignments and everything has to fall into place in order for it to work out the way it did…the pressure on the quarterback causes big plays for the secondary."

(on how much he heard of the winning in California jinx this week )

"I didn't hear about it until Thursday. I was pretty upset because I'm a Cali native and I'm like ‘we can't win in Cali? Come on now…' We had to get this win.

(on how his interception changed the momentum of the game)

"It helped out a lot. Momentum is everything in football. (If) We got momentum, we're gonna roll and we rolled all the way to the 4th quarter."

(on his thoughts of all the top 25 upsets on Saturday)

"I was watching them all day. I was happy. I was excited. We're rolling – let's move on up."

(on how important it was to play well in the team's first road game of the year)

"We had to (play well on the road). One, we never won in Cali. Two, we have to be able to play strong on the road. If we don't play strong on the road, it's gonna be bad for us at the end of the season."

(on his thoughts of the Burgundy pants the team wore for the first time)

"Personally, I like these better than the old uni's. I'm like ‘we're flyin' today.' It's all good."

Rudy Burgess

(on whether his touchdown tonight reminded him of his touchdown in the 2004 Sun Bowl)

"Yeah, it was great getting out there and making plays again…coach said someone has to go out there and break the ice a little bit. Rudy (Carpenter) called my number and I was able to go out there and make a big play. That's what got us started."

(on the offense sputtering and not playing consistently)

"We did have our ups and downs in the game. We just had to get that momentum back that we've been looking for and it just took a little bit longer then we thought."

(on whether it has been hard for him to crack the rotation with all the depth at WR)

"Yes. We got so many good wide receivers there and anybody can go out there and have a (good) game."

(on being a fifth-year senior and finally breaking the California jinx)

"It's great. I have no idea how this all feels like until today. It's great to finally get that first win in California, playing in front of the home crowd and come out with a victory."

(on how far can this 5-0 ASU team go this season)

"We don't know. We'll just have to keep on playing…"

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