Tuesday's Post-Practice Quotes

ASU's Head Coach Dennis Erickson addressed the media as his team continued preparations for their road game at Washington State.

(on when he made the decision to start cornerback Omar Bolden)

"A couple of weeks ago. We talked about originally when he first came in, then he got hurt…that really set him back. And then he got better and better. When Travis (Smith) went down, we said we have to go with him and Chris (Baloney). Chris is gonna play a lot more than he played last week. We felt in that game when we were ahead that we're gonna keep him in there…as I mentioned before he's very athletic and he has a great future ahead of him. I'm a real big believer in playing guys. They don't get better just sitting around. Like Richard Tuitu'u – he has to play more. Whether it be left tackle, right tackle – that's the only way he'll get better."

(on how he compares Washington State's defense with that of Stanford's)

"It's quite a bit better. More athletic, faster…linebackers are much faster."

(on his whether the looks he sees on film from the Cougars are different from what he has seen thus far in the season)

"Not from what I've seen. But in the Stanford game there was some stuff I hadn't seen either (previously on film). They did some stuff they haven't done, and I'm sure Washington Sate will do the same. (Bill) Doba has done that his whole career. We'll see something different – believe me. I don't know what it will be, but it will be different."

(on the numerous upsets that took place around the country last week )

"I really don't even really focus what goes around the country. I really don't know and really don't care. I'm just worried about us. We just have to play every game and it doesn't matter who we're playing. For this football team, at this time, with this program and where we want to go…we just take it one game at a time. I can't worry about all that other stuff. But I do know this – if you're not ready to play you will get beat. That's obvious by all the upsets. They'll be more of them. You can't play at a high level every week. It's hard. But if you go in focused and not make a lot of mistakes…if we can do that they you got a chance to win just about every game."

(on the play of linebacker Robert James who has collected 50 tackles thus far )

"He surprises me every week. He's a hell of a football player. I know he's a good football player – when I watched him on tape he jumped right at you. Then he got hurt in spring football. As soon as he got here and started practicing…he has another gear which makes a big difference. He's not making mistakes, getting to the football, running, and he has had a great year so far. He has a chance to be one of the better linebackers in our league."

(on the injury status of players )

"Travis Smith is trying to come back. Michael Marquardt was out here trying…I think they're doubtful."

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