Erickson's Wednesday's Post-Practice Quotes

ASU's head coach addressed the media to talk about his team's injuries, Washington State, and other matters.

(On whether Washington State will change their defense this weekend in light of their pass rush struggles)

"Nothing would surprise me. Last year, they had a lot of injuries and they ended up playing a ‘30' defense at the end of the year…that's not the case right now. They can do whatever the heck they want. They're not playing that bad…I don't think we'll see a lot of new things. I think they'll look at us and try to put some heat on us, because (teams) have been able to put heat on us the last coupe of weeks. Maybe they'll come more with linebackers. If I expect anything I probably expect a little more of that."

(On Marquardt taking reps with the first team)

"He moved around really good yesterday. I watched him on tape and I thought he moved pretty good. He has a chance to play. We'll probably know after tomorrow's practice."

(On whether Travis Smith will play this week)

"I think he has a chance. He moved around a lot better today."

(On whether Julius Orieukwu will start at right tackle)

"We're playing him there – that's not a done deal. We're playing Zach (Krula) there; we're playing Zach at guard also. We're just trying to get the right combination. That's where Zach's played. He really didn't play tackle until this year."

(On the play of Josh Barrett)

"Josh has been playing real well right now. So he's gonna play quite a bit…he's starting to get healthier, which is really the biggest thing. He's played well he last couple of weeks when he has come in and played."

(On whether the Kellen Mills is ready to play)

"Yes, he's close to coming back. I don't know if he'll play this week or not. I have to look at the tape."

(On what factors dictate home field advantage in the Pac-10, like weather, crowd noise, etc.)

"I think it's just what you're used to and not used to more than anything. It's probably crowd noise more than anything, at this time of the year unless you go to a place where's it's a downpour. When it's snowing late in the year, I don't know if that's an advantage to anybody, to be honest with you."

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