Erickson's Thursday's Post-Practice Quotes

ASU's head coach addressed the media following his team's final practice before their road trip to Washington State.

(On the rain that came down during practice)

"It's good. If they think this is rain, wait until Saturday."

(On if he had any final determinations on the team's injured players)

"I won't know until tomorrow. I have to sit down with the trainer tonight. I think most of them will be available. I don't think Travis Smith will be available. Brent (Miller) is questionable."

(On how his felt about the team's preparation this week)

"I think it's been good. I thought we practiced pretty well. We're pretty focused on what we need to get done. We know it's gonna be war up there - it always is. You look at the scores up there over the years; with anybody that they play…they took USC to the end last year. They're a good football team and they can score a lot of points. That's the biggest thing; they can score a lot of points, make big plays."

(On whether they're any further changes on the offensive line)

"No changes. Julius Orieukwu will start at right tackle. Gustavis has been hurt off and on, so Shawn Lauvao will play left guard. "

(On the turmoil going on at Washington State and if it makes them a dangerous team)

"Ever backed a Cougar in a corner? It ain't pretty. I know that program too well. I know the character they have with the players in their program, the character of their football coach. Believe me – it's a dangerous place to have them. I've warned our players about that, and they will have to play their rear ends off."

(On whether he's proud that the same offense he ran nearly 20 years ago at Washington State still exists today)

"Yes, we all put it in…It's not a whole lot different than what we do. They get into four wides more than we do or have. To me that is a spread offense. All this other stuff, I'm not sure what it is. Nobody in the backfield and things like that - was started up when we were up there. When I came to Miami they couldn't believe we didn't have anyone in the backfield. They thought we were crazy until we started to score points…they (Washington State) executed it pretty well. They've been to two Rose Bowls – that's pretty good."

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