Erickson's Wednesday Post-Practice Quotes

ASU Head Coach Dennis Erickson addressed the media on his team's readiness for this week's game against Washington.

On Wednesday's Practice

"It was okay. We practiced a little bit better yesterday. It wasn't bad, you work on different things. We dealt with blitz a lot today and picked it up pretty well, I thought…They know how important this game is, they know the ramifications of this football game like we all do. The Huskies are a great team with a great quarterback so we are going to find a way to win."

On how does he determine that cornerback Grant Crunkleton will be a quarterback of the Scout Team.

"We needed somebody that could run. You would have to ask Coach Bray (defensive coordinator Craig Bray) how he picked him…They figured that he gives us a little bit of an idea how fast that kid (Washington QB Jake Locker) is gonna be when he scrambles. It is hard to emulate those guys. You can practice against…but until you see it live, in the speed of it during the game."

On the speed of the ASU Defense and how it can counter the speed of Jake Locker.

"We have got to be able to run. We have to get guys to the football because he'll get out there or the backs… (Louis) Rankin is an awfully good player. We have to have guys (running to the football) because he'll break tackles and try to cut it back. We just have to have everybody running towards to football. I don't know if it is as much speed as it is everybody flying around trying to make plays, but we've got decent speed on defense, we're not slow."

On whether Brent Miller is doubtful for this week.

"Yes, I don't know how long he'll be... other than that we seem to be (healthy)…"

On the play of Brandon Smith in practice

"Actually he kind of picked things up a little bit. Running a lot better…"

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