Herring Rushes Over the Century Mark in Win

Ryan Torain left Saturday's game with an injured left ankle leaving the job up to Keegan Herring and Dimitri Nance. The tandem, which had touchdowns, runs of 76 and 57 yards respectively, proved to 64,000 plus fans in Sun Devil stadium that ASU's running game is in capable hands.

Keegan Herring stepped in for Torain and ran for 119 yards and one touchdown in ASU's rout of the Washington Huskies Saturday night. He once again proved that although he is not starting, he is a running back that no team wants to face.

A huge role in the success of Herring was the ASU offensive line which did a stupendous job of opening up gaps. "I think I might marry one of them today," Herring laughed after the game. "They played great out there, every day we tell them to step it up a little bit more and they are doing their job. We cannot ever get in the end zone without them."

Herring went into Saturday's game thinking that he was going to be a back up, but all that changed when Torain came up hurt. "Me and Nance got together and said that we just have to hold it down for Torain," Herring said upon learning that they were going to have to take over. Torain is a big guy and a big set of shoes to fill, but they did so in impressive fashion. "Next thing you we are doing it," he added.

Herring has total confidence in his three-back system he said, and that any time one of them is out another will step in. "We are like three-headed horses," Herring laughed again. "When Torain is down I can come in. If I'm down Nance can come in. We just always have a fully healthy running back." Any team in the PAC-10 would love to boast that on their resume', and Herring knows it. "In any PAC-10 team they love healthy running backs like that so we are just blessed with a pack of backs." Herring doesn't seem to mind playing second fiddle to Torain right and he looks forward to playing one two with Nance in the future he said.

ASU, now 7-0 is going to start feeling some pressure no doubt from all sorts of places. Herring however, isn't going to change his routine. "We just take it one day at a time like Coach Erickson said. We have a by-week so we have to keep practicing hard because every PAC-10 team is out there trying to get us," he said. He probably was talking about California, currently ranked number 9th in the country (before their loss Saturday) and looking to improve on their record. "It's going to be hard from now on, so we have to go out there and play hard," Herring added.

Not getting warped out of focus and looking too far ahead could be a concern for some Sun Devils fans, but Herring has no such plans. "We just have to keep going, we have to get by our bye-week first, then we have California," Herring said. "We just have to play it play-by-play."

Playing at all in front of his home crowd is a pleasure Herring said, and the former Peoria HS standout loves to do it. "I always want to show my hometown love and get them more in the game," he said. "So that's why I just try to have fun out there and try to get the fans in it because the more you get the fans in, the more difficult it is for a team to come into our house." Herring said the team doesn't pay attention to ticket sales, but if they start to climb it means that they are doing something right, he added.

However, fans are not going to be the only people noticing ASU's success. "That is one thing that we just talked about in the locker room," Herring mentioned. "We are 7-0 and there are a lot of teams like USC who got beat, Cal got beat; it can happen to any of us so that's why we have to stay on our feet and play hard-nose football."

Not only did Herring step it up but his buddy Dimitri Nance did so as well. "He had a nice little play, a nice long run," Herring said with his trademark million-Watt smile. "We got to the sideline and did our celebration, but Nance is out to be a great football player and I cannot wait until next year," he added.

Yet next year is not here now and currently the Sun Devils are undefeated and feeling confident Herring said. "Any team that is 7-0 right now is feeling good. But we are feeling really good," Herring said through another huge smile. "Now we can put our heads up, up, up, up high and just take it from there."

So how far does the backup running back for ASU think that they can take it? "The sky is the limit," Herring said. "The sky is the limit."

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