Erickson's Tuesday Post-Practice Quotes

After a rewarding win against Washington, the Sun Devils go into their BYE week 7-0. The injury ridden Sun Devils will get a chance to rest their vets and get their younger kids some snaps. After Tuesday's practice Coach Erickson addressed the media about these issues, and a few roster moves.

On injury updates

"I don't have an update, I'll know more about it tomorrow. I do know that Brent Miller's surgery went really well. The doctors are real happy with the knee, and he may have a chance to play against Cal. Ryan (Torain) right now is getting an MRI on his foot. I don't know much about it, its kind of an interesting thing to me. It's a sprained foot but it's something with his toe."

On Mike Nixon getting time in the second half of the Washington game

"Nixon played really well, he came in and had a chance, and he didn't make any mistakes. It was kind of option football, he did a nice job. It wasn't anything Morris did; they're both going to play. When (Gerald) Munns comes back we'll have depth at the position."

On Mike Jones' concussion

"You know they have that test that they have with the concussion, and there's a level you have to get to, he's not there yet but we expect him to be there against Cal."

On Dane Guthrie getting a look at TE again

"We just moved him around, and looked at him today. I told him if he played hard Saturday on defense, I'd bring him over and see if he can be a two-way player. He played his rear end off, so we brought him over for a day."

On what they're doing on their BYE week

"We're just trying to get some of our young guys that are redshirting to get involved in our offense. It's a learning process for them, and they took a lot of the reps today and tomorrow, and they'll scrimmage. It kind of gives us an extra few days of spring football"

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