Carpenter's Monday Press Conference Quotes

ASU Signal Caller Rudy Carpenter spoke briefly at Monday's press conference about the BCS standings, Saturday's game against Cal, and loosing running back Ryan Torain.

Did you get a chance to watch the UCLA-Cal game?

"No I stayed home. I went and watched my little brother and little sister play in their soccer games. My grandma was calling me every five minutes to give me updates."

What were your initial thoughts on ASU's favorable schedule, and how you expected to perform?

"I think more than anything I was just happy that we had eight home games. And we like playing at night, at least I do. I think we thought we had a chance to be in a situation we are now, but Oregon State is a team that we lost to last year. That was a big win for us. Every game is tough in the PAC 10 and every team is good and we knew we had a good chance against all of these teams. I think we have done what we were supposed to do in my opinion. Now we just have to continue to do that."

Have you paid attention to the BCS rankings?

"I have now. I think it's a little hard to resist not seeing it, especially when the ticker tape comes up and you see ASU at number 4. It is exciting for us."

What does that ranking mean to the ASU team?

"I think it is a little bit of validation, I think it is a little bit of excitement. Guys are really starting to realize how much hard work pays off and we are number 4 in the BSC and everyone is feeling good about it. But sometimes it can be a burden because now you're starting to realize that every game you are playing for BCS game, Rose Bowl, national championship. Every game is that game really, so its tough too."

What will change about this week's game plan because of Torain's injury?

"You know I don't think its going to change a whole lot. I think that Herring and Nance are both good players and are both capable just like Torain is capable. I think they are different types of backs than Torain is. I think Torain is obviously a great back, but Herring is a change of pace back and he can hit a home run for us if we need that. And Nance is a good tough inside runner which is what we need anyways. It might help us out a little bit because I think they are going to be rotation a little bit more than guys are rotating with Torain. So I think we are going to have two backs who are a little more fresh."

How do you feel right now compared to last year's position?

"I was driving to school this morning and I was trying to think what our record was this time last year, and how I felt. And to be honest, I can't really remember. I feel the same; we are just wining a little bit more. I think my confidence level and overall excitement is a little both higher, but I'm still the same quarterback I was last year."

Will you be thinking about last year's Cal game Saturday night?

"Man I hope not. It will be a little bit of motivation for me. Obviously for every player there are some games that they circle on their schedule every year. For me; I did not play too well at Cal last year and they beat us pretty good. So this is game that I have been looking forward to for a little over a year now waiting to get a second chance at them. They are a good team who got me last year and got our team last year. We were 3-0 at that time and it was our first loss and I didn't play well. But no one is going to play well all the time, but it wasn't one of the better days."

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