Erickson's Tuesday's Post-Practice Quotes

ASU's head coach addressed the media to talk about his team's injuries, and the upcoming game against Cal.

(On his impressions of today's practice)

"It was good. I thought we executed well. A lot of enthusiasm obviously. We all know where we're at and where we need to be. So, it's an exciting time for Arizona State Football right now…we came out and practiced like I expected that we would. We'll see how we do tomorrow and more importantly see how we do on Saturday night."

(On whether it was a good time for a bye week or is there ever a good time for a bye week)

"If you're gonna have one, it's better to have one towards the middle of the year and try and get a little healthier. It helped us mentally and physically. Having a little time off makes a difference."

(On what he liked about Keegan Herring when he first got here)

"His smile (Erickson smiles). He has a lot of leadership qualities…a personality that won't quit. But as a player he has great quickness, speed, change of direction. As we all know, he can take it to the house every time the ball snaps. He gives you so much explosiveness, especially in the running game. When you got a 1-2 punch, like with him and Dimitri, when he comes into the game, he's a little different guy to look at. But the biggest thing is his explosiveness and being able to make a big play for you in the running game."

(On whether he's confident that Herring and Nance can successfully replace Ryan Torain)

"Of course. Obviously we miss Ryan. I feel for him because he's been such a big part of this program. But that's why we've got other players. They're gonna have to step up and do the job."

(On how Jarrell Woods is coming along)

"Jarrell I thought practiced better today. He's getting a little better feel for what's going on. He can help us as the year goes on – no question about it."

(On where Woods would be more suited as a runner – between the tackles or a speedy runner)

"I believe he's more of both. He does have explosive speed, can run inside and run outside. He's pretty well put together. He's been hurt so much, that I haven't had a chance to (extensively) watch him. He's a guy that runs inside; yet again he's very deceptive speed wise. He can take it to the house too."

(On whether this Cal team is a dangerous squad coming off two consecutive losses)

"Cal is dangerous whether they came off losses or whether they're undefeated. They're the same football team that started the year – people can't forget that. There one of the best teams in the country…they're in a situation right now where if they wanna go to the Rose Bowl or win the Pac-10 championship they can't afford to lose again…we just have to deal with a hell of a football team."

(On whether he'll know before Saturday if he will play Shaun DeWitty who's currently redshirting)

"I really don't have an answer for you. I go back and fourth myself. As soon as I figure that out, I'll let you guys know."

(On whether he has a better read to the availability of Brent Miller after today's practice)

"He did some things. I was happy to see where he's at. There's a possibility he can play. If he doesn't play this week, I'm sure he'll be able to play against Oregon."

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