Coach Koetter's Post Game Quotes

A relived and joyful Dirk Koetter recaps the 13-9 win over Oregon State.

"How about the good guys get a win! What a great night for the defense. Never thought I‘d see the day where only one touchdown was scored between two Pac-10 teams. Last week in the wake of the North Carolina loss, Coach Guy said that the defense needed to finish…and they finished big time. They hit the quarterback, they stopped the running game, and the coverage was there. The defense had its back to the wall, and bailed us out in several situations. They (Oregon State) had a lot of chances to score points and didn't cash in. I want to give our defensive coaches a lot of credit. We had three linebackers in the game when they had two tight ends. When they had three receivers, we took Bates out and put (cornerback) Mike Davis. We did a good job matching their personnel. We needed our D to come through, and they did. I was happy to see Mike Barth to come back and score two field goals. Very excited that we can play like this." (On the three-linebacker alignment) "That's something we have done in the past from time to time against personnel groups. They tried to pound us with Stephen Jackson, and we played a lot of our same defenses we play in the 4-2-5. It happened to coincide with Riccardo's (Stewart) injury. Our timing was good."

(On the importance of this game, possibly being a "swing game" for the rest of the season) "We try to play the same every week. One team is out of the race. We got six really tough Pac-10 games starting with Oregon next week. I'm sure happy to be where we at. (smile)"

(On the reasons for the offensive struggles against OSU) "That's a good question, and I'll be thinking about it the rest of the night. I think that Oregon State has a great defense. We may have had too much stuff in the game plan as far as verbiage. We haven't had any problems with alignment and procedural things (up until now), and we had those tonight. That rests on my shoulders. We screwed up the easy stuff. Andrew (Walter) got hit a few times early, and I thought that as an offense we got back on our heels. We have been so aggressive the last two and half games. We had a hard time recovering…we're 2-0 in the Pac-10 and I'm smiling tonight. Now tomorrow I'm might be chewing (expletive) on offense. But I'm happy right now (smile)."

(On if the physical play of his team intimidated Oregon State) "Our guys were physical tonight. They were some big hits there from both teams. I'm real pleased how physical our team is playing. Even when we played at Nebraska, we matched them physically. I attribute this (the high level of physical play) to the players' work in the off-season, Joe Kenn the strength coach and the conditioning program."

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