Confidence Building in Williams, Sun Devils

As one banner put it, "The sleeping giant has been awoken." A spark within the Sun Devils squad has been ignited and it's continuing to spread throughout the PAC-10.Wide receiver Kyle Williams continues to make key receptions, and on Saturday night against Cal he had two catches for 29 yards, including one for a touchdown in the fourth quarter. En route to ASU's 31-20 victory.

"It feels really good," said Williams after the game. "There's no feeling like that coming off the field after your eighth win in a row."

ASU has never been given the benefit of the doubt. Throughout the season there have been lingering questions about the capabilities of this team. Are they for real? How will they measure up against a ranked opponent? For players like Williams that doubt just adds fuel to the fire.

"It's just more confidence for us," replied Williams. "We wanted that respect and we know we deserve it. We are in our right place now. We had a chip on our shoulder and we still have the chip on our shoulder because they will probably disrespect us again next week against Oregon and that's fine because we have stuff to prove out there."

The team as a whole has struggled to get going during the first half. Coach Erickson and his players have continually proved that they have the ability to make solid half time adjustments, which has allowed them to overcome numerous deficits. For Williams that adjustment appears to be more mental that strategical.

"Personally, I didn't make any adjustments at all," said Williams. "The receiver group just went out there and kept running routes, doing exactly what we were supposed to do, and then Rudy (Carpenter) just gets us the ball."

As there were uncertainties going into this week's game against Cal, there are similar reservations about going to Oregon next week. "We need to work on staying healthy," noted Williams. "If we are healthy and everybody is back to normal, then there is nobody that can beat us."

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