Wednesday's Post-Practice Quotes

Rudy Carpenter throwing in practice for the first time this week, was obviously the hot topic when ASU's Head Coach Dennis Erickson addressed the media.

(How did Carpenter look throwing?)

"He threw pretty good. We kept him out of blitzing and things like that. We had him in skeleton and team (drills) and I thought he threw it real well. It's not anything that I didn't expect."

(on Carpenter wearing the glove in practice?)

"He just feels better gripping with it. I doubt he will use that in a game. Today he wanted to use it, so that's fine."

(How do you feel about the overall preparation for the Oregon game?)

"It's been good. Dealing with them on offense…is hard. It's hard to simulate that kind of stuff as I said before. We had the same trouble when we played Washington. The things they do are very difficult. So again it's a matter of getting used to what we do. Actually the second day (today) was much better than the first. We practiced good…we're just excited to get an opportunity to play against Oregon. Last week was really kind of an emotional week in practice. Coming back going to work we know what we have to do against a fourth-ranked team or wherever they are ranked in the country."

"They're a good team when you watch them on tape. The thing about our players they watch them on tape, they know the reality of it. They know how good somebody is. We'll play as good as we can play. We just can't turn it over, and if we do it could be a long night for us."

(Do want your players not to get caught up in the hype of playing in such a big game like this or do you want them to enjoy this? )

"I want them to enjoy what they accomplished. They reached to play where they're play on national TV. They earned that right to play in a big game…they're excited about the opportunity. Who knows what's gonna happen, but it's at least a game where people will know where Arizona State is at. Our guys are excited about that. We're playing a great team, so it's fun. Being around here for four, five years they watched a lot of those (big games). Now they have an opportunity to play in one."

(on the team looking loose in practice, not feeling pressure)

"This team…we're gonna be loose. That's how we practiced from the first day of spring football until we get done with at the end of the year. Just come out, work hard and have fun. That's been out attitude and that will continue to be our attitude in this program."

(At the beginning of the season you talked about your successful teams in past being even keel. Have you seen that in this team?)

"We've been pretty even. We've had some ups and downs in games, much less in the season. We've practiced pretty good all the time. We've had some bad practices – don't get me wrong. But mentally and emotionally we've been pretty even keel…obviously the emotion of the game, depending where you're playing, the emotion varies. Our guys have practiced pretty well and have been pretty even keel all year."

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