Wednesday's Post-Practice Quotes

ASU's Head Coach Dennis Erickson addressed the media following Wednesday's practice.

(What kind of feeling does he have on the team as they try and bounce back from a loss)

"It's been a good week of practice. Once Sunday was over with and we put that game behind us, it's been all preparation for UCLA. We're still in pretty good position. It's not like we're 3-5 or something like that. We have a lot of things to play for; we're still a good football team, not any different than we were going into that game (against Oregon). …it's been a good week. We are ready to go."

(What does he make of UCLA with their up and down play?)

"They've got a lot of talent. They played well at times…they're like any football team – you play well at times and sometimes you don't. They're extremely good on defense. They have a lot of skill. They can beat anybody at any time. We have to go down there and play them, so it's gonna be hard for us. We also understand that our backs are to the wall too. It will be a heck of a game."

(On playing at the Rose Bowl compared to Autzen Stadium)

"I've been at the Rose Bowl and that's a hard place to play too, so is Autzen. We just gotta win one on the road. That's the bottom line."

(Any updates on Paul Fanaika and Dane Guthrie?)

"Guthrie – he'll be doubtful to play, but Paul practiced very well. He should be ready to go."

(On whether he'll get Zack Krula back this season after he sprained his MCL)

"We won't know until Friday, until they go in and look at it. They got to go in and scope it. If it's totally torn off, then it will scar over and he'll probably be able to come back. If it's torn, then they got to go and sew it up and he will be out for the year. Hopefully it's torn so they can go in and fix, so he'll have a good knee for the rest of his life. The difference is that anytime you sew something up, it takes a lot longer to heal."

(Do you try to discourage the players from talking about bowl possibilities like the Rose Bowl, The Fiesta Bowl, etc.)

"They know what's going on. Just because they don't talk about it, doesn't mean they don't think about it. I don't control their minds by any means. But the bottom line for us, about any of that stuff is that we have to win a ninth game here. If we don't win a ninth game it doesn't make any difference. So that's where their focus is at. People mention that, they're aware of that, but they're also aware that if we play like we capable on Saturday and win, a lot of good things can happen if you win that game. Every game is critical for us right now. "

(You've always been complimentary of Danny Sullivan. Now that he has taken more reps than usual in the last week, do you feel that he has elevated his game even more)

"Danny has grown a lot this year and has gotten better all the time. He's learned from Rudy (Carpenter)…it will be very interesting to see him in the spring…like I said earlier I'm not afraid to play him at all."

(On his evaluation of the team's kickoff return game)

"We're getting close. Obviously we have to take one to the house. I'd say we're average there right now. We have to get better, but I'm happy with Rudy's (Burgess) returning…we haven't botched any and we got some field position. So I would just say that we've been OK."

"What we're finding is that guys are kicking it pretty deep. So I don't see as much difference s you might think (moving kickoffs five yards back). People are covering it pretty darn good."

(On whether Samson Szakacsy will have surgery on his arm)

"He's gonna get a second opinion in L.A. Right now the plan is to scope it and look and see what's in there and go from there. It's sore. He came out throwing and doing all those things and got sore again. We need to go in there and see what's up."

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