Post-Game Comments

ASU Head Coach Dennis Erickson and his players discuss the 24-20 win over UCLA.

Dennis Erickson on the team's resiliency

"This team believes it's gonna win. It doesn't always look pretty. Obviously it didn't look very pretty to me…it looks pretty when it says 9 (as in 9 wins) on it. We find a way, they believe in themselves, they're tough…they're a group that keeps on fighting. I've been around a lot of teams in my career, and this group is just so resilient. They're just so dang resilient and find ways to get it done. I couldn't be prouder of them for what they did."

on the play of Rudy Carpenter

"Rudy's tough. He's a competitor. He's a warrior. He's all the accolades that you want. Probably Rudy Carpenter is best defined when we had the ball last time. It was 3rd (down) and whatever it was, and he finds a way to scramble and get the first down."

on the fourth quarter play where Danny Sullivan was sacked and fumbled the ball

"We tried to throw it. They were giving us some (defensive looks) and we were max protecting it, and Danny can throw."

on the field goal by Thomas Weber to end the half

"You talk about a big play for us. Here you are the half is over with and they get a roughing penalty and now all of a sudden he knocks it through. Now the momentum going into halftime totally changes. But he's like that. He missed just one all year. He's kicking as well as anyone in the country. He's punting the ball real well. When we needed one in the end…he punted one that wasn't that good, but he pinned it down in there a couple of times. I don't if there's a better kicker overall performing right now."

on the big returns UCLA had on special teams

"We just didn't tackle. The one punt return that they down to the two (yard line), we missed about three tackles. Same thing happened on the kickoff return and that's just ridiculous for us to perform like that on special teams. We've been good all year and to give up basically 14 points on two returns – that can't happen."

on who's call was it for Carpenter to come back into the game

"It was his call. He wanted to go in and finish the game. He would surprise me if he didn't. Also we had to make sure his thumb was OK too. He sprained a little bit, so hopefully with some time off, so hopefully he'll get that thing back before we play USC."

Chris McGaha

on his thoughts about the game

"Yeah, it was interesting. We came on top and that's all we can ask for."

on it being frustrating having another slow start

"It's frustrating, but a win like this…it's far and few (in between). It's great. It felt good. I was a little worried, it was like an emotional roller caster out there…I guess we're a second half team or something. I don't know. We just started to come together, people just started to make some plays, defense was making plays and helped us tremendously with field position."

on why he was having a career day. Were the UCLA corners playing off of him?

"They like to double the inside receivers, and we had three sets to one side and I was in single coverage. I had to step it up for us."

Rudy Carpenter

on his thoughts about the game

"We struggled a little bit on offense, but overall I think we did enough to get it done. We hurt ourselves a little bit, just like we did last week. We have some time off, so hopefully it helps us."

on how much pain he was in

"I was hurting. I missed some snaps (in practice)."

on how it felt to get this win against UCLA

"It felt good. I had a lot of family here, friends here…never beat UCLA since I've been (at ASU). If felt good to get a win, especially in Los Angeles. Hopefully we can get back here later in the year."

on the game atmosphere compared to Eugene last week

"Good crowd both places. Obviously Autzen stadium is a lot different, it's louder. It's pretty intense. But this is good crowd and its fun to play here, where I'm from. It feels really good that you play real hard and that the fans appreciate what you're doing. Even when things aren't going perfect, it's a good feeling to have."

on the play of Chris McGaha

"Chris is an unbelievable receiver for us. Chris runs great routes; very smart…Chris is obviously one of the best wideouts in the Pac-10. He's a great player. He knows what routes to run on certain coverages. He knows how to get open. The biggest thing is that he catches the ball all the time. Chris dropped a pass last week against Oregon and we said that this was rare footage and that we should save it."

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