Tuesday's Post-Practice Quotes

The health of Rudy Carpenter and other Sun Devil players, was the main topic as ASU's Head Coach Dennis Erickson addressed the media following Tuesday's practice.

(What the latest on Carpenter's thumb)

"His thumb is fine. He had an MRI and then went to a hand specialist. It's the same as it was. It's swelled up, it's bruised, there's a little sprain in there…only time is gonna heal it. It's not that he can't play with it. He's not gonna throw this week, and hopefully he can throw on Sunday when we get into our normal routine. He hit on a guy's helmet and it just got (re-injured). That's just how it's gonna be until he has a couple of months to heal or maybe between the U of A game and the bowl game he'll have time to do it. This (sitting out of practice) will give him a week or so…it's probably not as bad as it was before."

(What is the latest on Samson Szakacsy?)

"Samson is getting right now surgery on his elbow, as we speak down in L.A. He's getting it cleaned out – it's a scope. There's some loose cartilage in there and they're gonna take all that stuff out and I guess that's what has been bothering him for a while…it's been a concern because he hasn't been able to throw, that thing bothers him and he's a pretty good player. So hopefully we can get that healed."

(In the beginning of the season, if you were told you would have one loss going into the USC game, you'd probably be very pleased…)

"I'd be very happy…to be where we're at, obviously nobody expected us to be 9-1 at this time. I don't know that you can ever project what you're gonna be, you just take them one at a time. One thing I think I said early to you (the media) is that you either get better or get worse (from one week to another), you never stay the same. We've improved all the time. There have been games where we haven't played as well as others on either side of the football, but obviously we've been able to win."

(It's been quite a few years since USC has had some chinks in its armor…)

"I don't know that it's any chink, but I know it's a big armor. They are so good and so talented. They're like every team, you go through kind of a spurt during a season where you lose some guys because of injuries and they have all those guys coming back now. We're catching them where they are as healthy as they've been. When I was at Miami, if you're not undefeated, everybody thinks you're not having a good year and that's not true. They (USC) have lost two football games and they can finish it off pretty darn good."

"But I'm proud of where we are at. It's fun to be sitting here right now, and it doesn't happen every year, believe me, to be in November with one loss. Having the opportunity to play on Thanksgiving night on national TV is a thrill for all these guys. I told them at the beginning of the year, I hope you guys get to experience some of the things I have been able to experience in my career, which is to play in big games and they've got that opportunity."

(On whether Jon Hargis and Michael Marquardt will be healthy in time for the USC game )

"I expect them to be but I can't project what's gonna happen a week down the road. It changes all the time. They won't practice this week."

(Will you have the turkey as the pre-game meal or just wait to have some on Friday.)

"We stay at hotel Wednesday night, so the Thanksgiving celebration will probably be on the weekend. But as you know, we got a pretty big (game) the week after that. There's really no rest for the weary."

(On the status of David Smith who didn't practice)

"He's gotta a little sprain. He'll be OK. We have a lot of guys that would normally practice today that we're keeping out just because they have some minor injuries."

(If Carpenter isn't throwing until Sunday, will be doing handoffs, etc.?)

"He'll just sit back and watch, see how it gets. He hurts as much handing off as he does throwing. We'll see how it goes as the week goes on. He may hand some stuff off."

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